steel replacement doors in a patio

Steel Replacement Windows and Doors

Replicate iconic steel-look windows, doors and screens

Exquisitely crafted steel-look and steel replacement systems give your home the best in high performance glazing with exceptional aesthetics.  Give your home a touch of class with these iconic designs, expertly recreated in the style of iconic steel windows.

Whether you know them as Crittall® style, Art-Deco, Heritage, Industrial, Scandi or even Hygge.  The styling of our entire range promises sophisticated on-trend glazing that’ll never go out of style. Give your home or new extension the latest look with ion with slimline, sophisticated and hand-crafted windows, matching doors, even heritage and steel-look bifolding doors.  Our complete range of steel replacement windows and doors, steel look screens and Heritage windows are specially designed to provide real architectural glazing solutions and a credible replacement for old metal windows.

Available are two distinctive collections providing multiple window solutions, opening methods, design and colour options.

Contemporary, Heritage, Art Deco Glazing

Classic metal windows and on-trend design is the inspiration behind our steel-look and steel-replacement windows and doors.  Whether you want the latest industrial style, replacement Art Deco windows or to replace Heritage glazing, we have the solution for you.

Our metal-styled steel-replacement windows and doors come with all the latest aluminium technology.  You benefit from insulated, slim, strong glazing with genuine good looks and distinctive style. Choose from casement windows, single or double doors, bifolding and sliding doors as well as the desirable ‘New York Style’ glazed screen and room divider.

Of course, black is highly desirable but these distinctive doors and windows look equally special in white, contemporary light or dark grey as well as metallic colours.

steel replacement windows and doors in a large surrey house

No better steel look windows and doors

We’ve worked with some of the best designers and systems to create an elegant range of steel-look and industrial style window and door designs.  Consistent sightlines, authentic details, deep bottom rails and the iconic glazing bars. The result is beautiful architectural glazing, enhancing any setting.

High-grade aluminium, durable gorgeous colours combine with excellent security and weather performance. Then you’ve the signature styling details of original metal doors and windows replicated in modern aluminium.


steel replacement windows and doors in a large surrey house


The beautiful design and look of our steel replacement windows, doors and screens give you thermally efficient, secure and functional exterior glazing.  Internally they provide luxury room dividers, doors and “New York” style screens.

There is even the option to create elegant slimline metal interior doors.

  • Designer replacement windows and doors
  • Authentic design features of steel windows
  • Interior doors with no bottom frame
  • Available in many different styles


Single and double doors open in or out and with matching side panels.  Steel-look bifolding doors come with all the functionality you need and that desirable flat threshold option. Then our picture-perfect windows, in classic or modern styles work with any type of property.

  • Flexible design options
  • Interior doors with no threshold
  • Functional bifolding and sliding doors
  • A choice of glass

Bespoke steel-look windows and doors

Our steel replacement and steel-look systems give you flexibility in design.  Choose from matching sightlines throughout for a  seamless look. There’s a choice of glazing bar sizes, colour options and some outstanding contemporary or heritage handle options for our doors and windows.  Every product is made to order for you.

  • Contemporary or heritage colours
  • Art-Deco and contemporary handles
  • Create classic-looking screens
  • Design and built for your home

steel replacement windows Security and Performance

Our exterior steel-look windows and doors offer peace of mind security, protecting your home and possessions. Smart design and engineering also makes our steel-look windows and doors fully weather-resistant and with excellent energy efficiency.

You get the timeless look of classic windows with all the technology of modern materials, engineering and design.

  • Multi-point locking
  • High security cylinders
  • Toughened safety glass
  • Internal security glazing beads