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Schuco ASS70 Sliding Doors

The sought-after name in sliding patio doors

With unmatched engineering and quality, Schuco ASS70 sliding doors give you the best patio doors in your home. Meticulously designed, made to high standards and offering the highest specifications.

With options for conventional sliding, lift and slide and even designed for automatic operation, every detail of Schuco ASS70 sliding doors delivers the high-end sliding door designed to enhance your living spaces.

  • The best engineered and built patio door
  • High security and best weather performance
  • Light and smooth regardless of panel size
  • The go-to sliding door brand

Design and Performance

The best German engineering

Slide any other door then slide a Schuco. The quality and altogether different feel are evident from the start. Perfect for large door projects or where you simply want the best there is. Security, functionality and weather resistance are equally impressive.

Panoramic views with the smoothest slide action.

With narrow profiles, large glass panels and that sought-after seamless transition to the outside, Schuco ASS70 sliding doors give a feeling of light, space and transparency. Two operating modes provide the ideal way to open and use your doors. Lift and slide designs raise the door panel ready to slide where you want. Then set it down and secure it - a feature not available on inline designs. The inline method offers the familiar push/pull action but with a featherlight feel and near-silent operation. The flush floor option completes the door providing seamless access with the all-important weathering.

Made to Measure

An emphasis on transparency with quality

Choosing a Schuco sliding patio door means tailoring it just how you want it.  A choice of over 150 RAL colours or bespoke colours such as contemporary metallics creates a design statement. Choose your design, glass and your colour to the luxury door handles.

Schuco ASS70 Sliding Doors

The minimalist and contemporary touch you want.

Schuco sliding doors bring life to your design ideas. From two up to multiple panels, these doors come with all manner of sliding solutions including disappearing into a wall pocket. There is even an open corner option too for the ultimate look. With door panels up to 3 metres high, these doors create not only sliding glass walls but impressive picture windows. These exemplary doors cater for most design ideas creating an architectural statement in your home. But they're just as good for regular door sizes and existing doorways.


The best form with function

Highly insulated frames deliver excellent U-Values surpassing Building Regulations and using high specification safety glazing.

The safety glass contributes to the overall certified security using high quality German locks with multiple locking points and security cylinders.

Schuco ASS70 Sliding Doors. Engineered to the smallest detail.

Sliding door sizes up to nine square metres in size provide the best penetration of light and a transparent feel into your rooms. Luxury pull handles or rotating lift and slide handles offer a solid and dependable feel to the doors, raising even the heaviest panels effortlessly. Over 200 RAL colours with different colour designs inside with a long surface guarantee. Glazing sight-line of 88mm adds a bold distinctive appearance.  Enjoy the ease of operation thanks to the advanced lift and slide mechanism and the durable stainless steel tracks for smooth and quiet running. Double or triple tracks make moving your doors to all manner of positions easy.

The architect's choice

Specified by architects, the best for discerning homeowners

The world-renowned Schuco ASS70 Sliding doors have the best specifications, design and door technology.

There is no better brand for the discerning homeowner looking fit the very best. Flexible designs with desirable large glass panels give you striking views.

Schuco ASS70 Sliding Doors

bring your design ideas to life

A Schuco sliding door is regarded by professional door installers as one of the best designed and most reliable patio doors. Operating this technically excellent door is a joy with the best components ensuring a quiet, smooth and light sliding action. Above all, it looks simply beautiful whether it replaces your old doors or forms part of your dream home or extension. Single, double and even triple tracks provide the most configurations, bringing your drawings or design ideas to life. Open corner sliding doors create a suspended roof with two sides of glass and no corner post when open. Whether you choose the standard sliding or the more functional lift and slide, both doors come with protection systems for security and safe use. Tight seals, snug-fitting and advanced drainage protect your home while also giving you a fully flat threshold if you want it. The Rolls Royce of sliding patio doors.

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