os 29 origin slider

Origin OS29 Sliding Door

The slimmest inline sliding door

The new Origin OS29 sliding door provides the thinnest possible sightlines from a contemporary inline slider. It’s an even thinner version of the contemporary patio door from Origin.   Latest generation materials, exemplary build quality and the desirable thin door mullion.  At just 29mm there’s no thinner similar door on the market.  You benefit from more glass, even more light and better views.  Above all, the thin lines at the vertical of this door make it really stand out in your home.

  • Super-slim 29mm door mullions
  • Legendary Origin build quality
  • Two, three, four or six panels
  • Up to 6 metres wide

Design and Performance

For when you want minimal aluminium

The design of the Origin OS29 slimline sliding door promises an elegant sleek and statement-piece patio door.  Superb lines, luxury door handles and the latest in thermally insulated aluminium.

Origin OS29 sliding door

Origin OS29 sliding door - nothing slimmer

With renowned Origin quality, specifications and reliability, every detail comes designed for style and impressive look.  Built to exacting standards, it's perfect for replacing your dated doors or finishing off any new extension. Being an Origin door you get superb security, comfort and thermal performance. Effortless in sliding and feeling solid yet light.  These doors sit on advanced patio rollers with a self-levelling facility.  Luxury patio door handles are a joy to use and move your doors.  Everything about this door is quality. Of course, further enhancements are possible with laminated enhanced security glass.  Or there are acoustic and solar control options.  Subject to panel size, you can even have the latest blinds within the glass. Different glass options give you enhanced security, better solar protection and even better privacy when specified with integral glass blinds.  Best of all, the quality of this door also gives you peace of mind, thanks to a guarantee of up to 20 years.

Made to Measure

The minimal look, and always bespoke

All Origin Doors are fully made to measure, made to your sizes and your design. Choose one panel sliding behind a fixed pane or all panels sliding for even better flexibility.  Achieve the ideal look and improve your home.

Origin OS29 sliding door

Choose your size, panels and colour

Personalisation is at the heart of every Origin OS29 sliding door.  Choose from a range of standard colours at faster lead times.  Or there's over 150 other shades from classic tones to bold dark colours and anywhere in between. The slim mullion enhances two panels doors giving you a 50/50 opening.  Three panels doors provide a two-thirds clear opening with the panels neatly stacked together. For the threshold, it's possible set lower for a better transition outdoors, in double or triple track arrangement. For the handles, the Origin OS-44 slimline sliding doors come with two options, both functional and elegant. The integrated handle offers key and bolts unlocking within one handle unit. Or there's the option for an architectural bar handle at 500mm, long with separate locking. Both options come in high quality, marine-grade stainless steel.  


Secure, weather resistant and always reliable

Every Origin sliding door comes with an exemplary design for long service life and everyday enjoyment. Choose your size and your panels up to 2.5metres high giving expansive sliding glass walls.

Ideal for exterior patio doors, separating a conservatory, for balconies and even a room divider.

Improved security, weather protection and energy efficiency.

Enhanced security comes from the safety glass, held securely in place with Internal glazing beads.  These also prevent anyone from removing the glass from the outside. Excellent locking comes from the multi-point locking system, having six locking points. As standard, you get toughened glass units having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas.  High performance glass insulating your room and providing all-year comfort.

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