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Origin OS20 Artisan Sliding Door

The slimmest Origin patio door

The Origin OS20 Artisan sliding door is the superlative patio door designed with the thinnest aluminium sightlines and exceptional views. The ideal sliding door if you want to enjoy your garden to its full potential or your surrounding city or countryside views. All the quality of Origin bi fold doors but in a minimalist slimline sliding door.

Modern, advanced, luxurious and expertly crafted.  The Origin OS20 Artisan sliding door creates an entirely new room thanks to its altogether different look and design. Create a glass wall with slim picture frame views and saturating your rooms with all the available daylight.

  • The latest technology in structural bonded construction
  • Industry-leading 20mm mullion - one of the slimmest
  • Creates expansive sliding glass walls
  • The high quality associated with the Origin brand name

Design and Performance

Striking Design with superior performance

Origin OS20 Artisan sliding door.  Contemporary design and a luxurious look and feel for the quality-conscious homeowner.  Enjoy its minimalist appearance with maximum glass and clarity.  Your statement-piece patio door is also one of the best made and designed.

Origin OS20 Artisan sliding door in a black colour looking out to the garden

Origin OS20 Artisan sliding door. Aspirational sliding doors, flawless look and design

Our Origin OS20 Artisan sliding door comes with the latest glass structural bonding technology, where the glass is key to the strength and integrity of the door set. This advanced architectural design allows it to have impossibly thin frames and overall proportions. Whether we fit it in the normal way or conceal it within your new walls, the result is the look of glass with the bare minimum of aluminium. Thinner, bigger, stronger, sleeker and different from other patio sliding doors on the market.  Even the door handles are recessed into the frame continuing the seamless look of the door.  

Made to Measure

A unique sliding door, uniquely yours

Made to your exact sizes and to suit your existing or new opening, Origin OS20 Artisan sliding door also comes made your way. Choose your design, your colour, glass and your handle colour.


Origin OS20 Artisan sliding door.  20mm Minimal sightline

These panoramic sliding doors come available from two panels up to six.  Precision made with genuine attention to detail, every detail is designed to change your room into something special. Choose between a combination of fixed and sliding or all panels moving.  A double or triple track option lets your doors stack in different ways too. Any style of room comes catered for, whether you move in and out of your home from the left, the right or both sides. A choice of laminated, solar control or acoustic glass also provides added options for security and comfort.


Engineered for high performance with luxury

Each panel size comes at a maximum size of 2.2m wide and up to an impressive 3.0m tall, creating you that dream new room in your home.  At the same time, these top-of-the-line doors offer dependable security and weather resistance despite their minimal aluminium frames.

Clever design with the Origin craftsmanship makes the OS-20 sliding door highly secure, weatherproof and energy-efficient.  Subject to the glass choice, U-Values as low as 1.4Wm2K surpass Building Regulations and save money on your energy bills. Tested to British standard for weather resistance, thanks to smart drainage and advanced seals and gaskets.  The door security is also excellent with its super-secure lock with multiple engagement points. With a minimum of six locking points and a security cylinder, your home remains protected and thanks to the toughened safety glass.

Enhanced daylight, visible difference

For replacing your old doors or your grand design

Add the ultimate wow factor with our state-of-the-art Origin OS-20 Artisan sliding door. Guaranteed to finish off your dream extension with an altogether different door, adding a true wow factor in your home.

Origin OS 20 artisan sliding door in a modern bedroom


The design of this phenomenal sliding door moves away from the traditional patio door design. Aluminium is second to the high quality insulating glass with a structural bonded construction giving superior strength while having some of the thinnest sightlines of any patio door. The perfect door for those looking for something altogether different and following the on-trend design of transparency and architectural appeal. Extensive glass, high thermal efficiency and gorgeous good looks is the final result, bringing your property renovation project to life. There is no better door for wide door spans, enhanced daylight and the quality associated with all Origin products.

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