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Cortizo Cor Vision Sliding Doors

Minimalist Design, Light and Transparency

The Cortizo Cor Vision sliding door is the perfect patio door for those who want to enjoy their garden or surrounding views to the fullest. With its thin aluminum sightlines and exceptional views, this sliding door lets in an abundance of natural light while still providing a clear view of your surroundings. The quality of the Cortizo Cor Vision sliding door is unmatched, and its minimalist design makes it a perfect addition to any modern home.

Modern, advanced and luxurious, Cortizo Cor Vision sliding doors create an entirely new room and way of living, thanks to its unique look and design. A sliding glass wall with slim picture frame views and a brighter way of living. Cortizo Cor Vision sliding doors are the perfect choice for you to bring the outdoors inside and enjoy unrivalled views of your garden, the city or countryside.

  • The thinnest 20mm door mullions
  • Create large sliding doors up to 4 metres wide or high
  • Light and smooth action whatever the weight
  • Architectural aluminium looks in your home

Design and Performance

Minimalist Hi-Tech sliding doors

When you demand a better sliding door, Cortizo Cor Vision delivers with its transparency, elegance, sleek lines and overall quality. The contemporary design and large glass panels create a focal-point sliding patio door, while the high-quality construction and materials provide durability and lasting beauty. The latest insulated aluminium, gorgeous colour finish and high specification safety glass.

Cortizo Cor Vision sliding doors in a double glass side living room.
Our prestige Cortizo Cor vision sliding patio doors come with the latest technology using the glass as the weight-bearing element.  Structurally bonded to the slim aluminium frame, there's no thinner door and it benefits from incredible strength and performance. Every element of these doors is designed to last while offering the best possible performance and user experience.  There is no other door like it.  

Made to Measure

Perfect for sliding doors large or small

Cortizo Cor Vision sliding doors are designed with the latest glass structural bonding technology, resulting in impossibly thin frames and a 20mm middle mullion. This advanced architectural-quality slider gives you standard or oversized door panels with stronger glass panes.


black sliding doors in a large lounge with big white sofas

Bespoke-made and designed to enhance your home

Available in two, three, four or six panels, Cortizo Cor Vision sliding doors offer maximum flexibility and enhanced functionality.  A double or triple track lets your doors slide to the left or to the right. You benefit from a large clear opening whatever the design. The door handles are recessed into the frame, continuing the seamless look of the door. Cortizo Cor Vision doors are the perfect choice for you, promising a stylish, high-quality door that enhances your home. And of course, the flush minimalist threshold leading you outdoors is also available, as is an entirely hidden frame for a near-frameless appearance. Choose your colour, choose your glass and decide on how you'd like your doors to slide.  We do the rest and finish off your property project with spectacular sliding doors with a genuine wow-factor


European design, high-end performance

The aluminium profiles come with a deep polyamide thermal break,c ensuring energy efficiency and room comfort. All doors come with safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.  Multi-point locking secures your home, extensive sealing keeps it dry.

Warm in winter, stunning in the summer

It's the glass that's just one clue to the impressive specifications of Cortizo sliding doors. You get toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. The result is U-Values designed to keep you comfortable in the winter, cooler in the summer and save money on your energy bills.  You can also upgrade the glass to triple glazing, laminated, acoustic or solar control. The thin aluminium profiles come with built-in insulation preventing cold bridging and providing enhanced insulation throughout.  In the winter months, sophisticated seals, hidden drainage and clever design protects your home from the cold, wind and rain.

Smooth sliding glass walls

Engineered to last

The advanced engineering, incredible quality and high performance of Cortizo sliding doors make a design statement in your home.

Whether you want to replace your dated patio doors or create your Grand Designs style home extension, these doors are for you.

white sliding patio doors in London new house
The gorgeous minimal frame, combined with high quality glass and durable coloured aluminium makes Cortizo some of the best in up-to-the-minute sliding patio doors you can buy. Create architectural glazing with these superlative sliding doors and finishing off your home with a sleek, neat and all-glass appearance.

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