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Titan Edge Flat Rooflights

Seamless glass rooflights, a near frameless appearance

Transform your existing or new flat roof extension with the advanced Titan Edge Flat Rooflights. Our ultra-modern flat rooflights give you all the benefits of adding light into your room from above. You also get the latest in glass technology, enhanced comfort and one of the best skylights available to buy today.

Adding a rooflight in your home enhances your room with a brighter more spacious feeling and makes the winter days better.

  • U-Values as low as 1.3Wm2K helping reduce your heating bills.
  • High-tech glass unit with a full glass edge giving you a seamless look.
  • Solar reflective glass for enhanced interior comfort
  • Smooth surfaces and engineering lets rainwater run off the glass

Design and Performance

A full glass exterior

The latest innovation in rooflight technology, Titan Edge flat rooflights gives a cleaner all-glass look viewed from the outside or inside your room. They’re perfect integrated within the design of your extension with slimline patio doors.

Titan Edge Flat Rooflights in new extension.

Enhanced levels of natural light in your home.

Using the latest thermally insulated aluminium profiles on the inside with technically superior glass on the outside, Titan Edge flat rooflights work with most roof types. Perfect for your new extension or the ideal way to bring life to a staid flat roof.  The design of these advanced rooflights give you protection, weather resistance and all the security you expect with a window or a door.

Features and Benefits

Contemporary looks, making the most of glass

Titan rooflights are beautiful to look at, provide much-needed light from above in the winter months as well as adding a modern edge to your home.


Titan edge flat rooflights in white

Style, functionality, security and performance

Titan Edge flat rooflights add natural light with contemporary looks. Use these in your new kitchen extension or add to a smaller room to transform it into something altogether more spacious. In your new extension, these sleek and elegant rooflights look great whether you view them from above or from inside your room. You get the latest thermally insulated aluminium profiles on the inside with technically superior glass on the outside.  Suitable for most roof types, installation is also easy, with less work needed for a polished installation than other types of flat skylight products on the market.

Better rooms, brighter interiors

Bask in natural light every day of the year

Available in black, grey or white colours on the inside to match your interior decor.

Designed to look flush and seamless

Sizes start at 1 metre wide and 1 metre long right up to 1m wide and 2m long. We also offer made-to-order sizes as well as special colours. Unlike other glass rooflights, our latest Titan product sits low on the roof line.  At only 63mm, this rooflights also blends into the roofline better than other products. It is the glass which offers you the best features, security and peace of mind.  First of all, is the laminated glass used on the inside pane. Laminated glass comes with a plastic layer between the glass sheet, just like a car windscreen. This layer creates a glass unit with better acoustics.  As well as this, you get better security.  In the unlikely event of the glass breaking, the inner pane stays intact. Therefore there is no risk of broken glass falling into your room. Another feature is protection for your soft furnishings and fabrics. The laminate glass pane layer also blocks out 98& of UV rays. As a result, this prevents the damaging ‘sun bleaching effect’ too. We’ve fitted these latest-generation flat rooflights in all types of Surrey houses old and new. Traditional semi-detached houses with an extension at the back benefit from added light from above and a better-looking substantially slimmer product than brands such as Velux.