Titan edge flat rooflights in white

Flat rooflights to Create Light and Space

Adding daylight into your room all year round, our collection of rooflights brings a new dimension into your room whether they’re flat from above or sloping as a feature window.

Best of all for built-up areas and as modern homes are built ever-closer to each other, rooflights give light while preserving privacy.

  • Slimline, strong and thermally insulated aluminium frames
  • Safe and secure glass
  • Available fixed, opening or electric opening
  • A range of standard or made-to-order sizes

Design and Performance

More attractive living spaces

The design and performance of our slimline aluminium flat rooflights help reduce your reliance on artificial light, and therefore, lower your energy bills.

aluminium flat rooflights

Light, ventilation, privacy and style with aluminium rooflights

Let us make transforming your home a reality.  Premium-grade insulated aluminium with the best double or triple safety glass maximises your light and creates a beautiful new space.  Our rooflights work with our entire range of windows, bifolding or sliding doors with similar slim frames and durable surface finishes. Easy to fit, built to last and they look fantastic brightening and improving the look of your kitchen, living room or even a room below an existing flat roof.  

Features and Benefits

Contemporary rooflights bring you light and ventilation

Choose from fixed glass rooflights or add controllable ventilation with an opening model. There are even pyramids, lanterns and walk-on glass

aluminium flat rooflights

Contemporary, slimline, desirable rooflights

A flat rooflight can bring a new lease of life to an existing flat roof with an instant appeal as well as new access to and a new use for your flat roof, such as an outside space. You benefit from high-specification glass combined with insulated frame giving you low U-Values as low as 1.3Wm2K. Laminated glass on the inner pane provides peace of mind protection in the unlikely even of glass breakage.  With a pitch starting at just five degrees, our rooflights look minimalist. Discreet fixings and minimal building work make these blend seamlessly into your home.

Case Studies