white residence 9 PVCu windows

Residence Windows Styles

Several Residence windows styles give you a huge amount of choice of a period as well as a contemporary looking window.  The Residence Collection of luxury PVCu windows remains one of the best ways to improve your home with heritage style windows, also having an authentic timber window appearance.


  • Residence 9 for timber look windows
  • Residence 7 for a flush internal look
  • Residence 2 with a contemporary square frame edge
  • All Residence products look identical viewed from outside

Residence 9 Luxury Windows

Choose Residence 9 for the decorative style

The ultra-premium Residence 9 window comes expertly crafted and designed. This elegant window is our classic window, replicating the appearance of 19th Century timber windows.

cream residence 9 PVCu windows in a cottage
  First of all, you benefit from a timeless design, yet at a fraction of the cost of real wood windows. Then the flush exterior creates a window that looks altogether different. On the inside comes a traditional internal bead feature, with a sculptured look and excellent attention to detail. Another feature of the Residence 9 is the deep outer frame making this window suitable for box sash replacements as well as giving a more prominent detail to the window frame. Therefore, Residence 9 offers you the best of both worlds in its design and overall aesthetics. 100mm frame depth 9 chambers Always decorative internally Externally flush finish 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing Fully foiled substrate A++ Energy rating0.7 U-value

Residence 7 flush casement windows

Comes with a flush look inside and outside

A flush casement inside is the stand-out feature of Residence 7 flush casement windows.  This unique appearance gives you both the flush sash exterior of Residence 9 with intricate detailing on the inside too.

Classic or Contemporary Residence Windows Styles

As well as the internal flush detail, the 75mm outer frame makes this window perfect for more conventional window replacements as well as a neat like-for-like new window in place of old wood casements. And just like the entire Residence Collection, you get the same great choice of options to make your windows your own. Therefore if you desire the seamless look of from whichever side you look through your windows, this version is for you. As well as traditional window styles, Residence 7 works perfectly in a modern home too. The consistent sight lines suit new build houses thanks to their symmetrical lines as well as contemporary colour choices.  Seven window chambers also work to provide energy saving with the high specification glass you get as standard. 75mm frame depth 7 chambers Always flush internally Externally flush finish 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing A++ Energy rating0.7 U-value

Residence 2 Contemporary

For a flush look outside and a modern square look inside

Choose Residence 2 windows for contemporary flush casement windows for modern houses with clean lines.  The overall square appearance of Residence 2 windows is square throughout and prominent on the inside faces of the window.

First of all, is the deep square outer frame with a flat sash and square glazing bead available with Residence windows styles. The overall look is symmetrical and clean, making this window ideal for modern interiors, colours and furniture.  There is also the option of a flush or overlapping casement detail on the outside. Choose this window if you like bold or large floor to ceiling windows, alongside bifolding or sliding doors. This Residence collection is also great where your house or new extension needs windows having single glass panels with no mullions and transoms. 100mm frame depth 9 chambers Always square internally Choice of flush or storm externally 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing A++ Energy rating0.7 U-value

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