Titan rooflights in Morden

A property in Morden, South London, fitted with the latest Titan flat rooflights with an innovative glass edge-to-edge design.

titan flat rooflights

Contemporary Titan Flat Rooflights.

These ultra-modern rooflights bring the light from above in any flat roof extension. Designed and made in the UK, Titan ‘Edge’ flat rooflights offer clever design, outstanding thermal insulation. You also get one of the simplest to install products, perfect for existing flat roofs or a new extension. Titan rooflights form part of our overall range of lantern roofs and rooflight range.

A double set of flat rooflights give this house a smooth glass appearance, looking great when you see the rooflights from above and just as attractive, from inside the property. Even better is the low sightline of the product for a flusher and more minimalist appearance.

With dark colour double glazed units, the Titan product also comes with toughened glass outside and laminated glass inside.  The advantage of a laminated and toughened glass combination is threefold.

First of all, 99% of UV rays are eliminated, meaning your soft furnishings and fabrics won’t fade from the sunlight coming through the glass.

Another benefit is enhanced thermal insulation compared to conventional toughened glass units.  Finally, you get the peace of mind protection thanks to the inner laminated pane.  In the event that the glass breaks, the laminated glass holds together even when broken. As a result, you home stays protected and family as safe as no glass shards fall into your room.

The glass in these flat rooflight products also comes with all the warm-edge and glass coatings to provide enhanced U-Values.

titan flat rooflights

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