Steel-look doors in Surrey

A substantial detached residence in Surrey glazed throughout with our range of steel look residential doors and windows.

Our steel look doors and windows come with expert craftsmanship creating ARt-Deco, heritage or contemporary glazing. At the same time, they provide the energy efficiency, security and weather performance of modern aluminium and the latest engineering and technology .

steel look doors surrey

Black steel-look doors and windows in surrey

This fine home features slimline patio doors and windows in our steel-look system. The products are both sympathetic to the original house architecture at the front and sides. At the same time, it creates a modern look at the back of the house too, with several sets of patio doors.

Steel-look doors with sidelights

Our best selling product is the French door set with matching sidelights. To this property, six different sets of doors create a wow factor to both the existing house at the back and the new extension.

We make our steel-look doors differently from other suppliers. One of the most important features for getting a great industrial look is consistent sightlines. Our doors come with all the right profiles to the doors, the side and top panels and the glazing bars making up the multiple panel effect.

The end result is a door set that offers neat lines throughout with matching lines on the horizontals and verticals. Even where the design needs added metal such as the door sashes and where the frames join together, even these elements combine to create an elegant looking screen.

The doors come with multi-point locking, period door handles and flush bolts to the slave leaves. The familiar deep lock plate, typical of steel doors is also prominent.

While this installation comes with standard slim bottom rails, we even offer the option of a deep bottom rail, again something found on a steel door.

steel look doors in surrey

Black Steel look windows

The slimline crafted aluminium windows to this fine home come in different sizes and configurations, but all feature side hung opening out vents with fixed panels.

Again we’ve kept the sightlines consistent throughout to each window using slimline glazing bars, dummy sashes and thin outer frames.

The windows come as standard with multi-point locks, secure locking handles, internal glazing beads and matching black window cills.

Heritage Glazing and high performance glass

An advanced window also needs high specification units.

Throughout the property we’ve used highly insulated glass units having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. 

To the doors and sidelights the glass is toughened for protection, impact resistance and as part of current Building Regulations.

A property of this size consist of substantial glass units. Every one of these comes with hand-applied glazing bars inside and out creating the iconic steel look with the multiple panels.

Get the art-deco look with Aspire

Our Epsom Showroom has a full range of steel-inspired windows and doors in aluminium. Contact us today to find out how these architectural quality windows and doors can transform your home or new extension.