Steel look bifolding and entrance doors

The Aspire showroom installation of our very latest steel-look bifolding doors and single entrance door.  These outstanding premium quality doors are designed to provide a credible replacement for old metal doors or to give your home what is the current trend in contemporary metal look doors or aluminium products that are similar to the steel look of doors.

steel look bifold doors

In creating our exclusive bifolding doors we listened to the needs of our customers as well as researching what makes a credible steel-look product in aluminium.  Our desire was to replicate the slim sight lines of old metal doors while providing the latest generation aluminium bifolding doors and entrance doors to meet the demands of the local market.

These exceptional bifolding doors offer unbeatable sight lines where the doors meet in the closed position, of just 94mm.  This critical dimension is what helps replicate the minimal proportions of old metal doors that are so on-trend and desirable today. The doors are powder coated in the highly-desirable and popular black finish.

Many other bifolding door suppliers will take a standard product with thick door sight lines of 150mm or more and try to replicate the look, but we think this is a compromise using a basic product with little or no enhancement and does not achieve the desired effect. The impressive ultra-thin lines of our bifolding doors coupled with the horizontal aluminium glazing bars on both sides of the door glass creates a stunning metal-look bifolding door. Our glazing bars follow the thin lines of the door profiles, being just 25mm for the slimline version or 41mm for the standard version.

The single door on display in our showroom is also very authentic in appearance, offering slimline door profiles, the horizontal glazing bars and even the thick lock plate typical of old metal doors.  This is, of course, also available as a French door or double doors with glazed lights to the side or above.

Whatever door you choose from Aspire, we offer quality door furniture, excellent weather performance, superb thermal insulation and beautiful powder coated finishes. Aspire Bifolds has installed many of these steel look doors as well as many windows in Surrey and London properties.  Visit our showroom to view not only one of the thinnest bifolding doors you can buy but also one of the most contemporary and traditional, depending on the style of your home, and the look you want to achieve. Contact us today for prices and further information.