Schuco open corner bifolding doors

German-engineered Schuco open corner bifolding doors fitted by Aspire Bifolds to a new extension in New Malden, Surrey.

Schuco open corner bifolding doors

Grey Schuco open corner bifolding doors.

A new extension on the back of this family home features two sides, with our Schuco open corner bifolding doors providing glazed elevations as well as a full open corner arrangement in the open position.  From above, two skylights add even more light into this new living space.

Designing an open corner set of bifolding doors with our help and advice creates one of the most desirable and visually appealing indoor and outdoor living spaces.  This new extension has two three-panel bifolding doors on each side, one set having a moveable corner post.

In the closed position, the doors meet and lock in the corner, with all the excellent security available on a standard set of doors. Opening the doors moves the corner post with the one set, revealing a full open corner.  Or where your extension design doesn’t allow for an open edge, we offer a fixed corner post option.

These Schuco open corner folding sliding doors require an extension having the roof supported by steelwork or another method.  Where there is no brick or steel corner, we design the doors to open up fully and provide some of the best views when looking out to your garden.   These slimline Schuco doors therefore create a beautiful open space.  At the same time, they provide a desirable feature in this home and one of the most desirable bifolding door designs available.

Standout features of Schuco doors.

  • German-engineering and British made one of the best bifolding door brands on the market.
  • Slim 121mm door mullions maximising the views through closed doors and with less visible aluminium.
  • Doors glazed with toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill for great energy efficiency and interior comfort.
  • Durable powder-coated finish providing low-maintenance doors, easy to clean and keep looking like new.
  • High quality locks and door handles, exclusive to Schuco doors.

Our Schuco bifolding doors come in two up to 10 panels, with options for opening in or out. We can also design a convenient traffic door for daytime and regular use.  You also get a full choice of standard colours as well as metallic and anodised finishes.

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