Schuco bifolding doors Battersea

An installation of our premium Schuco bifolding doors fitted to an extended Battersea property.

Schuco bifolding doors in London house.

Contemporary Schuco Bifolding Doors.

Our top-of-the-line Schuco bifolding doors shown here in a four panel design, creating a modern look to the back of this London property.

First of all, with this installation is the contemporary colour. The doors have a powder coated finish in the very popular grey.  Also giving a modern appearance is the contrasting door hardware in a brushed stainless steel finish. Furthermore, provided to these Schuco bifolding doors is a traffic door. This is the left left-hand you can see hinged on the wall side and with the lever handle and key locking.

The great thing about traffic doors on bifolding doors is year-round convenience.  As is typical on many terraced houses, often there is just one back door set for access to the garden.  Therefore, where you have bifolding doors such as these, a traffic door provides convenience. As the only rear doors in the house, no need to fold the panels every time.

Consequently, the traffic door allows you regular use of the doors.  All you do is use the independent leaf like any other regular hinged door.

Building Regulations call for background ventilation on new doors. The head of these Schuco bifolding doors has two black powder coated trickle ventilators.  These provide permanent airflow as a result of their design, bringing a soft amount of air from the outside in.  You also get the choice of controlling them as trickle vents feature a manual control to open and close.

Energy efficient bifolding doors.

Finally on this installation is the glass.  These Schuco bifolding doors come as standard with toughened safety glass. Also provided to the glass is a soft-coat low-emissivity coating. The edges of the glass unit have a “warm-edge” spacer bar also adding to the thermal performance.  Finally, between the glass is argon gas fill.  As a result of this high specification unit is excellent energy efficiency.

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