Origin front doors in Surrey

A beautiful set of contemporary Origin front doors in Surrey in a double door set. Supplied in the CO05 door model, these doors transform the front of this family home.

origin front doors in surrey

Contemporary Grey Origin Front Doors in Surrey.

The eye-catching Origin front doors come in a light grey finish with metal accents to each edge of the door leaves as well as the glass panels.  The glass is acid-etched offering just the right amount of light into the home with privacy too.

The entire door set features a perimeter frame, standard threshold, matching cill and even light grey colour matched gaskets.

The door hardware comes specially selected to match the overall look of these bold doors. First of all, the offset Hafi 500mm long bar handles on both sides of the door, with back to back fixings.  The doors also feature a contemporary door knocker to the right-hand leaf as well as the mechanical lock.

The slave leaf has a metal letterplate, sleek and contoured in appearance. This letterplate also has all the necessary draught strips, also keeping out the weather. The inner and outer letterbox flaps lift 180 degrees for convenience in use.

These Origin front doors in Surrey also feature door panels 28mm thick also having a reinforced Thermixax core.  The thick thermal core not only provides a thermally efficient core, but it also provides a great solid feel to this full aluminium door set.

Origin front doors come in over 150 different colour and 35 choices offering modern and traditional front doors.

Origin front doors

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