Cobham 5-Panel bifold & integral blinds

A property in Cobham, Surrey, improved with the latest set of Origin bifolding doors and Screenline integral blinds.

Origin bifolding doors in Cobham

Origin bifolding doors in Cobham

Origin bifolding doors in a five panel design, opening outwards, viewed from the outside and folding to the right.  The left-hand door is the traffic door.  You can use the door as a regular hinged door for going out to the garden to hang washing out, let out a pet or for general access and exit uses from the room.

The bifolding doors feature integral glass blinds.  Housed between the toughened glass units, integral blinds provide privacy and shade, while allowing you to enjoy the modern lines of the doors without obscuring with curtains or after-market blinds.  The integral blinds are controlled by discreet magnets that raise and lower the slats, with an additional magnet for tilting the slats to their desired position.

  • Grey Origin bifolding doors with a 20-year guarantee.
  • Screenline integral glass blinds also in grey
  • Black door hardware and black lead door handle.

Our Surrey showroom offers you the choice of Schuco, Origin, Smart Systems and our own steel look bifolding door.  You can also try out our integral glass blinds. Visit our showroom or contact us today for prices or further information.