Location: Epsom and Surrey

  • Schuco bifolding doors in Cobham

    Our latest installation of seven-panel Schuco bifolding doors in Cobham, Surrey, supplied and fitted to a new extension.

    Schuco bifolding doors in Cobham

    Slimline Schuco ASS70 Bifolding doors to a Cobham house.

    Supplied to a large single-storey extension, our slimline Schuco ASS70 bifolding doors come with the best design and renowned German engineering.  These doors comprise an opening out seven panel design.  All the doors fold to the one side, revealing a substantial full opening, leading out to the new patio area. You’ll find Schuco our premier brand amongst our entire range of luxury bifolding doors.

    The doors come with highly insulated aluminium profiles, Schuco doors come built to last.  Not only are Schuco bifolds one of the best brands, but also reliable, durable and with a very impressive slide and fold action.  Designed in Germany, made in the UK and professionally fitted by us at Aspire Bifolds.

    The first thing you notice when you view a Schuco product are the aesthetics.  From the 120mm door mullions, with an overall modern look.  The hardware on a Schuco bifolding door is also modern and distinctive – you will only find it on these doors and complements the doors perfectly.

    With Schuco doors designed to last, these come with all manner of high specifications, not least their impressive size capability. We often create wide and tall sliding panels.  These doors go up to 3 metres high, with each panel up to 1.2m wide. As a result, your home benefits from slim aluminium, expansive glass panels and masses of natural light coming into the home.  Even better are the high quality components making any size Schuco bifolding door effortless to slide and fold open.

    From the inside of the house, these doors offer beautiful views out to the large garden and enhance the new kitchen extension perfectly.

    Get your competitive Schuco folding door quote today.

    At Aspire Bifolds we specialise in working with you, your architect or your builder to transform your home with a fantastic new extension.  You can view Schuco and another four brands of bifolding doors in our Epsom showroom.  Contact us today and find out what makes these outstanding doors special and how they can enhance your living spaces.

    Every one of our bi-fold doors come designed for impressive quality, excellent security, weather performance and energy efficiency.

  • Schuco bifolding doors to a Crawley House

    Three panel Schuco bifolding doors to a Crawley house, finishing off the new rear extension.  Our premium range of Schuco bifolding doors come with the best design and German engineering, opening up your home in the summer and providing beautiful views in the winter months.

    Schuco bifolding doors to a Crawley House

    Contemporary Grey Schuco ASS70 bifolding doors for Crawley, Surrey and London.

    At Aspire Bifolds, the majority of our work involves installing quality patio doors in new extensions.  To this particular property, the Schüco ASS 70 FD product comes powder coated in a durable grey colour. Also provided is a matching cill beneath the track, with a trickle vent to the head.  Cills work in deflecting the water away from the doors and trickle vents provide consistent ventilation.  You’ll also find trickle vents part of current Building Regulations for doors or windows in new extensions.

    This set of Schuco bifolding doors in this Crawley house opens out, sliding and folding to the right, viewed from the outside.  Schuco doors need seeing and trying out to experience the light and smooth slide action and appreciate the quality of the hardware and components. These doors roll virtually silently on their bottom rollers and top track. The hardware on these premier German doors is one of many reasons why professionals and homeowners regard them as better than many other doors on the market.

    Also as standard with these doors are highly insulated aluminium profiles and energy-efficient glass.  As standard, we provide to every door toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.   The frame, glass seals and design, therefore, ensure your doors are highly energy efficient. With excellent U-Values, our doors retain a comfortable room temperature all year round and help save money on your energy bills.

    How this Crawley house benefits from Schuco folding sliding doors.

    Perfect for a new extension, or replacing your dated patio doors, Schüco bifold doors transform your home, kitchen or living space.  These designer doors come with beautiful handles, secure locks and impressive security all-round.

    • 122mm sightlines, giving you one of the thinnest doors on the market for better views and less visible aluminium.
    • One of the best stacking doors, giving you nearly 95% clear opening for the best views.
    • Standard or the desirable low threshold for a seamless link to your patio or garden with a near flush floor.
    • Over 150 different colours to choose from making these doors match your home and decor.
    • German premium locks with five locking points, protecting your home.
    • Effortless slide action making these doors easy to use every day.
    • dual leaves up to 3 meters high and 1.2 meters wide

    Get a quote for your new doors in Crawley, Surrey and London.

    These exceptional doors also come with contrasting metal hardware that you can experience in our Epsom Showroom.  Come try out these doors today. See why Schuco bifolds are the preferred choice of our customers, architects and developers.  Contact us today for a free quote or to arrange a home survey.


  • Schuco bifolding doors in Stoneleigh

    An installation of Schuco bifolding doors in Stoneleigh, Surrey also combined with the latest generation Atlas lantern roof and Aluk aluminium windows.

    Schuco bifolding doors in Stoneleigh


    Black contemporary glazing with Schuco bifolding doors in Stoneleigh.

    Our installation comprises new windows, lantern roof and bifolding doors to a residential property with a recently constructed rear extension.

    Powder coated in RAL 9005 black, our top-of-the-line Schuco bifolding doors come with thin door mullions, contemporary hardware and a three panel design.  The main door handle operates a five-point multi-point lock with separate high security cylinder escutcheon. In order to provide maximum functionality, the doors feature a traffic door, hinged on the central panel and swinging out.  This allows the doors to be used during the day as a regular traffic door. At the same time, this traffic door comes into it’s own especially where these are the only rear doors leading out to the garden.

    The latest Atlas slimline aluminium roof.

    Also included in this project is the latest version of the best-selling Atlas lantern roof. The second generation of this roof is even slimmer than the first. To begin with, Atlas already offer arguably the thinnest and strongest aluminium roof on the market. Even though this is one of the best roofs, the second generation offers even more.

    Atlas roofs come with an even thinner ridge, a more streamlined appearance and strength.  Our Atlas aluminium roofs are the perfect addition to a modern extension.  Furthermore, the roof and the Aluk aluminium casement window colour match exactly to the Schuco bifolding doors.

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    For Schuco bifolding doors in Stoneleigh and throughout the Surrey area, we offer you industry-leading windows and doors to transform your home and your new extension. Visit our Epsom showroom to view our products and discuss your project with us.

  • Origin front doors in Surrey

    A beautiful set of contemporary Origin front doors in Surrey in a double door set. Supplied in the CO05 door model, these doors transform the front of this family home.

    origin front doors in surrey

    Contemporary Grey Origin Front Doors in Surrey.

    The eye-catching Origin front doors come in a light grey finish with metal accents to each edge of the door leaves as well as the glass panels.  The glass is acid-etched offering just the right amount of light into the home with privacy too.

    The entire door set features a perimeter frame, standard threshold, matching cill and even light grey colour matched gaskets.

    The door hardware comes specially selected to match the overall look of these bold doors. First of all, the offset Hafi 500mm long bar handles on both sides of the door, with back to back fixings.  The doors also feature a contemporary door knocker to the right-hand leaf as well as the mechanical lock.

    The slave leaf has a metal letterplate, sleek and contoured in appearance. This letterplate also has all the necessary draught strips, also keeping out the weather. The inner and outer letterbox flaps lift 180 degrees for convenience in use.

    These Origin front doors in Surrey also feature door panels 28mm thick also having a reinforced Thermixax core.  The thick thermal core not only provides a thermally efficient core, but it also provides a great solid feel to this full aluminium door set.

    Origin front doors come in over 150 different colour and 35 choices offering modern and traditional front doors.

    Contact us today for prices on Origin aluminium front doors.

    Expertly engineered and made to order, our Origin aluminium front doors come with a meticulous construction as well as a first-class installation by our trained fitters.  Contact us today for a price and for more information.  Or why not visit our showroom and see our selection of doors on display?



  • Rocal Endurance Door in Surrey

    Another installation of a new Rocal Endurance door from Aspire Bifolds in Esher, Surrey.  Specifically this is is the Rocal front door in the Eiger Georgian style in Anthracite Grey on the outside and classic white on the inside.

    rocal endurance door

    Traditional Rocal Endurance Door

    The Rocal Endurance is our premium composite front door. Not only is it exceptionally well crafted, you get reliability and exceptional dependability. First of all, the door comes from the Classic Collection of Endurance doors, in a familiar style.  The door is largely solid but has a glazed toplight above.  As a result, there is a good mix of privacy without making the entrance hall of the property too dark.

    However, the best feature of the Rocal Endurance door is the solid timber core. Not only does this give you a door with incredible inner strength, you also get the feeling of a real wood door without the price tag.

    Best of all, the door is low maintenance throughout thanks to its quality external skin and multi-chambered PVCu frame. Finally, the door comes with a great choice of premium hardware.

    First is the chrome hardware that immediately creates a stunning contrast with the anthracite grey door and frame. Fitted to the door is the Heritage Lock, and architectural letterplate, a door pull and a door knocker.  Specifically, the Heritage lock provides a great combination of a traditional functioning lock with modern security. The lock operates automatically when the door is closed. Furthermore, you open the door from the inside with an internal thumbturn. Best of all, only a key only operates the door from the outside.

    Contact us today for composite front door prices and information.

    If you want to change your front door and want our help in choosing the most suitable product, contact us today or visit our showroom.



  • Walton-on-Thames White Schuco Bifolding Doors

    A new set of white Schuco bifolding doors supplied and fitted by Aspire Bifolds in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.


    white Schuco bifolding doors

    Powder coated white RAL 9910 gloss, these white Schuco bifolding doors have a three panel design. The doors slide to the right, viewed from the outside and with a traffic door.

    The Schuco doors are one of the slimmest on the market with sight lines of just 122mm with the doors closed.  Whether you choose white Schuco bifolding doors or any other colour, top-end design and specification come as standard.

    Schuco doors come with the best components, hardware and operation, being light and smooth to open. The traffic door for example, you use just like a conventional door. No need to fold the door panels back every time when you want to let out a pet or take the washing out.

    These doors replace an old patio door set and sit on a new cill.  The door hardware is a contrasting colour in brushed, satin stainless steel to the main door handle, hinges and internal handles. Finally, the magnetic door catches are heavy duty stainless steel, securing the doors when fully folded open.

    If you have white PVCu or aluminium windows, choosing white Schuco bifolding doors gives you a consistent appearance throughout your home, with one of the best folding doors on the market.

    Contact us today for more information on Schuco or any of our other bifolding and sliding doors. 


  • Redhill, Origin doors and lantern roof

    A Redhill property improved with a new aluminium lantern roof, Origin bifolding doors, Origin French Doors and a new composite front door.

    Our door installation replaces the existing doors at the back of this house.  Installed is a four panel set of bifolding doors, opening outwards and with all panels sliding and folding to the right, viewed from the outside.  This particular door set is opened from the inside only. The doors have a contrasting colour to the door hardware, in brushed satin stainless steel.

    Next to the bifolding doors is a set of French doors, also opening outwards, with a left-hand lead leaf also with contrasting stainless steel hardware.

    Both sets of doors are fitted with integral glass blinds in a silver colour to create a picture frame detail. The integral blinds provide privacy and shade without after-market curtains or blinds. They won’t gather dust, ever need cleaning or blow in the wind. All integral blinds are hermetically sealed within the glass units.

    The doors are polyester powder coated grey RAL 7021.

    Also fitted to this home is a white contemporary Atlas lantern roof. It has slimline glazing bars, toughened glass units and brings light into the home from above.

    Finally, a new composite front door in a black finish with contrasting chrome hardware completes the installation.

    • Origin bifolding doors and French doors.
    • Powder coated dark grey, RAL 7021
    • Integral glass blinds in a silver finish with magnet controlled operation.
    • New white contemporary lantern roof.
    • New composite front door.

    All these products are available to view in our Epsom showroom.  Contact us today for a free quotation.

  • Epsom, Lift and Slide Patio Doors

    The latest Smart Systems Visoglide lift and slide doors, fitted by Aspire in Epsom.

    Lift and Slide Patio Doors

    Smart systems visoglide lift and slide doors

    The Smart Systems Visoglide sliding doors is one of the latest-generation of sliding patio doors, designed to be slim in appearance, light in use as well as secure and thermally efficient.

    The sliding doors have a triple track allowing the panels to stack behind each other and providing a two-thirds clear opening. Another feature of Visoglide sliding doors is their slimline mullions, reducing the aluminium sight line and maximising the glass area.

    One advantage of sliding doors over bifolding doors is their bigger glass panels.  Sliding doors provide more light, better views and especially in the winter months when the doors remain closed most of the year.

    When you do want to use the doors, the lift and slide arrangement works differently from conventional sliding doors.  Turn the main handle and watch the glass panel lift up of the track. You can then slide the door to the fully open or partially open position.  Another great advantage of lift and slide doors is you can drop the door back down in the partially open position and secure it. Great for leaving the door open and secure from the outside for ventilation.

    • Visoglide lift and slide doors.
    • Grey RAL 7016 colour.
    • Doors glazed with toughened safety glass, with soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.
    • Three panel design with a triple track.

    If you are thinking about a new extension or replacing your old doors, visit our showroom to see our Schuco and Smarts sliding doors.

  • Cobham 5-Panel bifold & integral blinds

    A property in Cobham, Surrey, improved with the latest set of Origin bifolding doors and Screenline integral blinds.

    Origin bifolding doors in Cobham

    Origin bifolding doors in Cobham

    Origin bifolding doors in a five panel design, opening outwards, viewed from the outside and folding to the right.  The left-hand door is the traffic door.  You can use the door as a regular hinged door for going out to the garden to hang washing out, let out a pet or for general access and exit uses from the room.

    The bifolding doors feature integral glass blinds.  Housed between the toughened glass units, integral blinds provide privacy and shade, while allowing you to enjoy the modern lines of the doors without obscuring with curtains or after-market blinds.  The integral blinds are controlled by discreet magnets that raise and lower the slats, with an additional magnet for tilting the slats to their desired position.

    • Grey Origin bifolding doors with a 20-year guarantee.
    • Screenline integral glass blinds also in grey
    • Black door hardware and black lead door handle.

    Our Surrey showroom offers you the choice of Schuco, Origin, Smart Systems and our own steel look bifolding door.  You can also try out our integral glass blinds. Visit our showroom or contact us today for prices or further information.

  • Epsom, Contemporary Lantern Roof

    Our installation of a large lantern roof to an existing flat roofed extension in Epsom.


    Our work involved the supply and installation of a contemporary lantern roof, fitted to a newly created opening within an existing extension.  The roof is an impressive 4.5 metres long and 2.1 metres wide, manufactured from the contemporary and market-leading Atlas system.

    Powder coated in a grey finish, the roof features just two glazing bars on the longest side, creating large glass panels, maximum light and the minimum of aluminium sections.

    Take a look at the image gallery showing the process of fitting this excellent lantern roof to a new hole in the roof, right up to the completed installation.

    One of the best lantern roofs you can buy with great thermal performance and impressive aesthetics.

    • A contemporary Atlas Lantern Roof
    • Features a minimalist appearance with the bare minimum of glazing bars.
    • Dark Grey powder coated finish.
    • Toughened ActivNeutral roof glass.
    • Slimline bars with just a 40mm sight line.

    If you would like our help adding light to your home with one of our quality roofs, contact us today or visit our showroom.