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Integral Blinds for better Bifolding Doors, Windows and Doors

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Enhance your new bifolding doors, sliding doors and windows with our premium range of integral glass blinds.  Our integral glass blinds are designed to offer you the latest technology in privacy and shade for your home. Integral blinds also help give you better U-Values in new windows and doors.

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What are Integral Blinds?

Integral glass blinds are entirely different from conventional manual or automatic roller blinds. Integral blinds sit between the panes of your door and window glass instead of in front of them. No better minimalist solution provides all the privacy and shading of traditional fabric, metal or wooden blinds.

Best of all, blinds enable you to enjoy all the modern, clean lines of your new aluminium windows covering only the glass and not the frames themselves.

Features of glass blinds.

integral blinds on bifold doors

Integral blinds in windows and doors offer you many advantages compared to conventional window coverings.

At Aspire Bifolds, we offer you several different ways of manually or automatically controlling blinds in your new bifolding doors, sliding doors or windows.

We offer blinds with cord control or discreet slimline magnets. Our range of automatic integral blinds are controllable with electric operation, solar sensors, remote control and even work with the latest home automation apps and technology.

Choose the sensor controlled option and enjoy blinds that open and close as the daylight changes as well as a manual override facility.

Extensive colour choice with glass blinds.

The housing of the glass blind is available in any desired colour. You can either match your doors or choose a contrasting colour to create a picture frame detail to your windows and doors. All are powder coated in the same high-quality paint as your doors. Therefore, these glass products are one of the best accessories for your windows and doors.

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Our Epsom showroom has bifolding doors and other products on display, fitted with the latest innovation in glass blinds. Why not visit our showroom and see these premium and sophisticated products in action? Contact us for prices and to find out more. Even if you have existing windows and doors, we can change your existing glass units too.