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Uses for a Garden Room From Aspire Pods

There are virtually unlimited uses for a Garden room from Aspire Pods Whatever you plan to use it for, you’re promised a functional room providing excellent interior comfort, convenience and functionality.  At the same time, your new pod enhances the look of your outside space, thanks to its architecturally striking looks and overall appeal. 

Multiple uses for a Garden Room

We’ve perfected the art of creating gorgeous and bespoke outside rooms. The insulated construction and optional heating make it ideal for use in the winter.  But it’s also cool in summer letting you enjoy your garden views or work with the doors open.  The latest materials combined with our high specification French, Sliding or Bifolding doors and quality glass. 

Best of all, we construct your new garden room with everything you need as standard. But you can also customise your garden pod with our range of exterior and interior colours.  Choose your colour, your interior walls, standard or ready to decorate. Then a choice of flooring to match. and heating. Then decide on your lighting.  Finish it off with your choice of furniture.  

 All you need to do is decide how you’re going to enjoy it. 

Garden Rooms Built for all seasons

Our busy lives mean we need the best possible space for work, relaxation, creativity or play. The many different uses for a garden room give you extra space you’ll wonder how you managed to live without. It’s even a place for time alone. 

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Garden rooms for your home office

With more of us working from home, being productive, creative and efficient often means a dedicated workspace. And there’s no better place than an Aspire Pod designed for work. 

Aspire Pods make the ideal office in your garden.  Perhaps other family members work from home, your children need their own space for homework or exam revision. Weekend working just got better, giving you a place to work whilst still being connected to your family. It might just also be perfect for penning that best-selling novel. Aspire Pods are more than just a home office. Finally, you have the space for creativity, efficiency, productivity and so much more. 

Even our smallest 3x3m size gives you space for a good size desk with room for a bookcase a sofa and table.  It’s not just for your work, it’s a great place for having a meeting with a client.  The biggest motivation for investing in a new home office is the commuting time to work of just 30 seconds. 

Separating work from our family and leisure time is not only important for a work-life balance. If you live in a smaller home without a dedicated study, it’s the perfect way to create a separate work area without losing the already valuable space in your home. 

Better than working at the kitchen table, more work-focused than a desk in a corner of your lounge, bedroom or dining room. 

Importantly, your new Garden home office creates exactly the right separation between work time, family time or your own time. 

Multi-functional aluminium doors provided as standard with an Aspire Pod

Our pods come with a choice of large French Doors, sliding doors or bifolding doors.  All our doors give you comfort and energy efficiency in the winter.  Insulated aluminium profiles and high specification safety glass works with the excellent thermal insulation and construction of the pod walls.  

French Doors provide the classic look. Sliding doors give you bigger glass panels for more light and less visible frame. 

The spring and summer are what bring your pod to life when you choose Elegance model fitted with bifolding doors. Open up to the left or to the right and enjoy al-fresco working with the front of the pod fully open. 

And for when you’re not working, our doors give you the peace of mind security you want, protecting your computer, papers and office possessions. 

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Children’s Play Area

Garden rooms your children will love

An Aspire Pod creates the ideal play area for children of all ages and whatever their creativity.  We love watching our children play, learn and explore. But toys create clutter and they also make a room feel smaller.  Its one of the uses for a garden room with many of our customers.

Arts and Crafts, dolls, toys for learning, sports equipment, soft toys and even their tablets and computers.  The more you our kids learn, the more they accumulate.  What better way to give them the space they want with a dedicated garden play room?  Finally a space for your children, their friends and all those toys. 

Other uses for a garden room include that perfect activity, hobby or play room.  Invest in a new garden room and create a safe, pleasant and enjoyable space.  Best of all? As your children grow and develop so does an Aspire Pod. 

All year round protection and lovely play spaces giving you and your children the space you all want.  

Garden Play rooms for all ages and all-weather

Importantly, if you locate your new garden room right, they’re always visible from the house,. At the same time they stay warm and dry, letting you enjoy your main home better. 

A new garden pod even comes with electrics provided letting you install CCTV or other monitoring systems, therefore letting you keep that your family within sight. And what better way for your children to interact with their friends and their dedicated area away from the grown-ups. 

Wintertime is a joy thanks to the insulated wall construction, insulated safety glass and the radiator we provide.  Or you can opt fro your own choice of heating system in the room itself. 

Spring and summer suddenly got exciting for your children. That cosy winter play room opens up into an amazing open den or Wendy House thanks to its fully open aspect and giving your children inside and garden access all in one. 

Less wear and tear on your home decor

We all know those marks and scrapes and general wear and tear in the home from toys and playtime. The uses for a garden room therefore include keeping your main house neater.

There’s no better way to keep your home interior looking grown up. No more messy areas from activities such as plasticine, glue, or paint.  The hardwearing interior of an Aspire Pod takes whatever children throw at it. 

Older children will enjoy the power points, wifi access, perhaps their own TV or computer. And they’ll love you for giving them privacy and their dedicated space to enjoy with their friends or listening to music. 

For the aspiring musician or singer, it’s perfect for practicing their musical instrument and practicing in peace for them and you.

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Dining and Home Bar

What better way to create a separate dining area or home Bar? Another of the many uses for a garden room, an Aspire Pod creates the perfect ambience when ordered at a larger size. It’s large enough for a dining table and chairs, extra seating and a space for preparing drinks and snacks. 

Create a play room for the grown ups giving you all manner of uses and options.  Add your chosen lighting, a music system, a wall-mounted TV, even a gaming machine.  Create that summer feel all year round just a few seconds away from your home.  It’s a great idea to get away from it all at the weekends in your new dedicated space. 

You, your family and your friends feel engaged in a dedicated space coming into its own in the summer with the doors fully open yet protected from the wind or even a sudden shower.  Dining and entertaining just got better and its another of our popular uses for a garden room.

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Home Studio

Imagine being able to exercise without driving to the gym. No more queuing for machines or having to worry about making time for travel.  An Aspire Pods makes the ideal workout room and of course is always available out of hours.  It’s another of many uses for a garden room for those who like to work out at home.

Whether it’s for Yoga, running, weights, pilates or cycling, your new garden room is bright, motivational and there when you want it. 

We take care of all the details. Electrics for a TV or music system.  Hardwearing laminate flooring comes in a choice of five different colours.  Walls in durable melamine materials for withstanding wear and tear come as standard.  Or we can plasterboard your walls, ready for you to decorate in your chosen colour.  And for when you need heat, we provided a wired electric oil-filled radiator or an air-conditioning unit as an optional extra.

We also know investing in gym and associated equipment is a significant investment and financial outlay.  That is why the doors come with safety glass and multi-point locks.  They come with the same security of doors and windows for dwellings with multi-point locks, security cylinders and internal glazing. Even better we can enhance their security with options such as enhanced security glass and locks.

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Home Cinema

The perfect Home Cinema or music room. Thanks to the quality build and insulation of an Aspire Pod, these are ideal for film and music lovers. Let us create your own personal space ready to enjoy with your partner, family or friends. 

Decide on the size to meet your needs, furniture requirements and of course, the size of your TV or projector screen. Then rest easy with electrics taken care of and additional options for wiring up speakers, wifi and connectivity.  The walls take care of noise issue thanks to their outstanding insulation and they’re strong enough for taking the weight of a screen. 

The glazing is insulated with high-performance glass as well as options for acoustic glass for even better sound performance. Connect your devices and create that dream music or cinematic experience. High-security locks and other protection features ensure your equipment is safe at all times. 

Designed for all-year-round use, they’re cosy and appealing in the winter thanks to our heatings solutions.  The summer makes them even better with sliding or bifolding doors, creating an open-air feel.

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Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms are other uses for a garden room. These special rooms make a huge difference for children with special needs and their overall development. If you have a child or family member needed a dedicated space such as a sensory room, it’s often challenging within the family home for space and other reasons. 

An Aspire Pod creates the ideal room for your child or young adult, neither does it require an upheaval of your existing space. The separate nature of a garden rooms makes it ideal for your child and its needs. 

Perfect for creating the perfect space with the ideal lighting, equipment, sound system and anything else you need. There’s the space for creating every you need to stimulate your loved one and give them more focus. We’ll help you create that ideal therapeutic space, helping with focus and improved sensory skills.

Even more uses for garden room with aspire pods.

At Aspire Pods, we help you design the ideal garden structure, with first-class build quality, promising a new look to your garden and an additional and functional you’ll love. Contact us for more information and to see how provide even more space in your garden.

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