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Garden Room Design and Construction

Your new garden pod comes from the latest generation of low maintenance materials.  Whether you choose a Classic, Contemporary or Elegance Pod, you benefit from a high quality construction and long service life, therefore giving you the most out of your investment. 

The exterior Forma cladding material looks authentic with a premium feel and a beautiful appearance.  It’s technology is widely used in buildings and constructions where access is often limited and therefore requires the strongest, most resilient and low maintenance characteristics.  At the same time, this synthetic material looks natural without the  care associated with timber garden buildings. 

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The latest garden room design and quality construction

Our home improvement expertise also means your new Aspire Pod features the best brands of windows and doors.  Whether you choose a French, sliding or bifolding door, you’re promised the same doors used in the finest homes and with genuine architectural quality and performance. 

Of course, we provide our building expertise, in your new pod.  Every stage of it’s construction is for your complete satisfaction and a product that will last for years, look fantastic and enhance your home and garden.

A strong and rigid base

For your base, we use cold store store panels, similar to those used in the construction of industrial refrigerators.  It’s a super-durable panel with a steel and polyurethane construction.  In fact the life-span of these panels is between 40 and 70 years. 

We fix this panel onto a piling type foundation over the span of the room. This is securely fixed at 600-800mm centres across the flooring panels.

A garden room built to Last

Using the latest composite panel cladding board, Aspire pods come with advanced materials, all designed for long service life and low maintenance.  Not only do our materials look luxurious, they’re also very low maintenance. 

First of all is the lifespan.  Our panel construction widely used across construction and other sectors has sixty year expected lifespan. 

The composite material comprises 55% FSC Certified hardwood fibres and 45% high-density polyethylene.  The hardwood fibres come responsibly sourced from reclaimed materials as well as recycled plastic milk bottles for the polyethylene.  Within these two materials are bonding agents and colouring pigments. 

The benefit is a composite product with the same workable features of real wood, but the enhanced durability and low maintenance of synthetic materials.  For you, this also means a product with minimal maintenance and a substantially longer lifespan. 

The garden room walls, using this 55:45 ratio also have an additional outer later. This comprises 90% recycled HDPE  and 10% FSC certified wood fibres. Using his combination provides a better garden room than other brands relying on Rockwool or similar brand insulation. 

Distinctive Looks and a unique surface

With none of the maintenance associated with timber, these composite cladding boards also provide other advantages. 

Of course, the materials used when we craft your garden room has even more benefits. 

There’s resistance to cracking, staining, mould and warping. And unlike wood, there’s zero risk of abrasion, splinters, cracks or splits. Rub your hards over the tactile surface and you’ll be amazed at it’s feel and quality. And with young children around, again there’s none of the headaches associated with potential nicks or splinters associated with wood products. 

Incredible colour retention

Adding to the low maintenance and durability credentials is the impressive colour retention.  There’s none of the ‘greying’ associated with timber garden rooms and excellent protection from ultraviolet light.

All your garden room walls require is a routine clean with a jetwash or a hose and a soft brush.

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Sliding Doors

We enhance your garden pod with luxury and minimal-framed Cortizo sliding doors. These outstanding contemporary sliders enhance your garden room with minimal aluminium profiles, more glass, and a great view out to your garden as you work, relax or play. 

At the same time these luxury sliding doors provide the biggest glass sizes compared with our other models. At the same time their energy efficiency is excellent thanks to high specification safety glass units.  Insulated aluminium frames also help with the energy efficiency and comfort. 

The thinnest 20mm door mullions maximise your view and let you bask in the additional light and feeling of space. Sliding them open or closed is effortless thanks to their advanced rollers. 

Garden rooms with architectural flair

Our prestige Cortizo sliding patio doors come with the latest technology using the glass as the weight-bearing element.  Structurally bonded to the slim aluminium frame, there’s no thinner door and it benefits from incredible strength and performance.

Every element of these doors is designed to last while offering the best possible performance and user experience.  There is no other door like it.  And of course, the flush minimalist threshold leading you outdoors is also available, as is an entirely hidden frame for a near-frameless appearance.

Bifolding Doors

The Elegance Aspire Pod comes with high specification Dutemann FD120 bifolding doors.  These luxury bifolds feature in the best London and Surrey homes.  Your new garden rooms benefits from contemporary thin sightlines, low U-Values and luxury handles. 

Expertly crafted with the best in build-quality, there’s no better bifold for easy access into your new garden pod.  And for the spring and summer months, they open up to connect you to your outside space. Functional, secure and transformational. 

Ultra-slim 120mm door sightlines, wide door panels and energy saving properties give you high-end aluminium bifolding doors with the latest in aluminium and patio door technology. 

And to protect your office, gym equipment and possessions, they come with latest generation locking systems, secure internal glazing and a host of protection features. 

French Doors

Classic or modern in appearance, French Doors in your new garden room give you the familiar operation of the doors in your home.  Slim, strong, secure and highly insulated, they open outwards and provide 180 degree opening when combined with sidelights. 

High grade aluminium and durable powder coated finishes, make these attractive doors ideal for your new garden room. A warm and comfortable interior in the winter with their highly insulated glass units.  And large open doorways in spring and summer letting you enjoy a better work, play or studio space. 

Access is also easy thanks to their sleek threshold whilst offering full weather protection.  Security is also first class, protecting your possessions inside your Aspire Pod. 

Flexible door sizes, a choice of glass options and colours give you the ideal new garden room with top-brand French Doors as part of the garden room design and construction.


Every Aspire Pod comes as standard with a side window adding even more light inside.  We use the premium brand of Origin aluminium windows.  These come with a distinctive look, excellent build quality and peace of mind security. 

Flush on the outside and contemporary inside, your side window comes in an opening out configuration and fitted with multi-point lock and quality window handle.  

In addition to its slimline styling, the windows we use in your garden room come with insulated aluminium profiles and high specification glass units. It’s the same quality and type use in new build homes, window replacements and new extensions.  As a result, you’re getting a top-of-the-line window for your peace of mind. 

The internal glazing beads, high-specification locks and overall design also makes our windows secure.  The interior of your new space is also better thanks to the excellent energy efficiency of the entire window product. 


Your new garden room design and construction includes the insulation. Every Aspire Pod features the latest innovation in insulation, creating a comfortable garden room, warm in winter, cool in summer. 

Forma cladding board utilises the same advanced co-extrusion technology as the Forma decking and developed specifically for difficult to reach applications. This synthetic cladding looks completely natural without any of the draw backs of 100% timber cladding products. 

An innovative colour stable board will not grey with weathering and keeps its vibrant colour year on year making it ideal for hard to maintain applications such as high rise apartments and full building coverings. Available in a wide variety of colours this contemporary smooth finished cladding board is a sustainable solution to tired timber cladding and fascia.

The roof of an Aspire Pod uses corrugated polyurethane steel skin internally and externally. Within this is sandwiched 60-80mm thermal insulation. 

The best garden room design and construction for you

There are multiple uses for an Aspire Pod giving you useable and functional rooms for work, play and leisure. Contact us today and find out how our cutting edge design and materials is unlike other products in timber.

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