About Aspire Pods

At Aspire Pods, we’re passionate about helping you get the most from your home and garden.  Our garden pods give you the best in quality, minimal maintenance, long service life and, above all, let you make more of your outside space. 


We operate throughout London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex, providing our garden pods to gardens of all sizes and properties of all types.  We work with all types of properties and gardens helping you expand your useable space from your home to your garden. We want you to get the most of your garden and provide you with the best solutions for your work, play and leisure needs at home. 

An Aspire Pod comes with minimal maintenance, while looking architecturally appealing, designed for everyday use and with excellent security, insulation and weather resistance. 

When you contact Aspire Pods, you’re benefitting from over ten years of experience in the home improvement sector.  Our expertise in home improvements not only gives you a product perfectly tailored to your home and garden.  At the same time, you get some of the best glazing in your new garden pod. Your new garden pods come with home improvement expertise and an excellent reputation in Surrey, London and Kent.  Aspire Pods are associated with Aspire Bifolds, supplying high quality glazing for home improvements and new extensions and proud of excellent reviews. 

Our garden pods are easy to live with, a joy to use and provide you with a unique additional space. We take expert care in the construction of your new garden room, providing you with a product you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

When you choose an Aspire Pod you benefit from the latest generation materials and a design lets you make the most of the available space. At the same time, they come with excellent security features, protecting your possessions inside an Aspire Pod.  Flexible sizes, no planning issues, fast construction and a quality guarantee are just some of the great features of an Aspire Pod.

Above all, we’re passionate about creating your dream garden room, backed by the highest standards of service, workmanship and after-sales.