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Garden Pods That Look Amazing


A garden pod or garden room from Aspire is designed for all-year-round use. Made using only materials with durability, low maintenance and a long lifespan.

A garden room is designed to expand and enhance your living spaces while also providing valuable rooms for work, play, relaxation and multiple other uses.

Strong, secure and highly insulated rooms also having top-brand and high-specification aluminium doors and windows for the perfect finish.

Even better is their fast installation, minimal disruption and competitive prices.

The Aspire Pod Range

The Aspire Pods range comes in three distinctive products. Every one of these offers the same range of uses, materials and quality build. As well as a choice of colours, our Aspire Pods solve your work, play and space concerns. 

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Garden Pod Uses

There are virtually unlimited uses for a new garden pod by Aspire.  Whatever you plan to use it for, you’re promised a functional room providing excellent interior comfort, convenience and functionality.

At the same time, your new pod enhances the look of your outside space, thanks to its architecturally striking looks and overall appeal.  We’ve perfected the art of creating gorgeous and bespoke outside rooms. The insulated construction and optional heating makes it ideal for use in the winter.  But it’s also cool in summer letting you enjoy your garden views.  The latest materials combined with our high specification French, Sliding or Bifolding doors and quality glass. 

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Design and Construction

Your new garden pod comes from the latest generation of low-maintenance materials.  You benefit from a high-quality construction and long service life, therefore giving you the most out of your investment. 

The exterior Forma cladding material looks authentic with a premium feel and a beautiful appearance.  Using the same technology that is widely used in buildings and constructions where access is often limited and therefore requires the strongest, most resilient and low maintenance characteristics.  At the same time, this synthetic material looks natural without the care associated with timber garden buildings. 

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The Aspire Range of Pods

The Aspire Pods range comes in three distinctive products.  Every one of these offers the same range of uses, materials and quality build.  As well as a choice of colours, our Aspire Pods solve your work, play and space concerns.

We made creating a bespoke garden room in hour home easy.  No planning, cost concerns or headaches compared with a fully built extension or property renovation project.  Adding one of our beautiful pods in your home is easy, exciting to look forward to and a great investment in your home.  Best of all, it help you make the most of your home, whatever it’s size. 

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Making an Aspire Pod Personal

Every Pod built by Aspire is unique.  There’s a choice of size, external cladding colour and door configuration.  Added to that you can personalise the internal colour and flooring to create exactly the right combination.

And even if you can’t find the layout that you’re looking for, talk to us.  We have been helping homeowners create beautiful bespoke homes for years.  If it can be done, we can do it!

In most cases planning permission is not needed for a garden pod.  But one of our consultants can check your particular circumstances.

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