Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors

Dutemann FD85 Bifolding Doors

Sliding door glass sizes with bifold benefits

Dutemann FD85 bifolding doors uniquely provide the expansive wide panels of a sliding door with the full opening benefit of a bifold.  Up-to-the-minute door design, superb craftsmanship and magnificent sightlines.

No other bifolding door on the market gives you fewer panels, less visible mullions, bigger glass areas and groundbreaking features and specifications. The best product for creating splendid views and illuminated brilliant interiors.

  • The slimmest bifolding door on the market
  • The widest door panels of any aluminium bifold
  • Exquisite craftsmanship and quality
  • Architectural door furniture

Design and Performance

The futuristic bifold door for your home

Dutemann FD85 bifolding doors renew your existing room or new extension with a forward-thinking minimalist patio door. Your go-to door when you want the most discreet patio door and those alluring folding sliding glass walls.

planitherm fade protection

Groundbreaking avante-garde folding sliding doors

The technology and design of Dutemann FD85 bifolds is a result of years of planning design and execution. Where standard openings call for three panels in other brands, these doors only need two, four becomes three, five becomes four.  You benefit from sliding-door sized panels with closed doors and the desirable functionality associated with a bifold. Sightlines of 105mm with a fresh flat aesthetic make these the thinnest aluminium bifolds on the market yet also coming at remarkable panel sizes of 1.35m wide. At the same time, these doors have formidable strength, durability and performance. Extensively tested and expertly-made, these are futuristic folding sliding doors.

Made to Measure

Perfectly suited for your home or extension

A perfect combination of latest-generation insulated aluminium and professionally applied powder coated colours creates visually appealing bifolds whether open or closed.  Multiple configurations and opening options with quality safety glass complete your look.

Custom-built bifolding doors

The durable powder-coated finishes protect the aluminium and add a modern look in your home.  Over 150 different colours let your imagination run free.  For even more choice, there are metallic and textured colours, anodised, matt or gloss shades too. Low maintenance colours that only need an occasional clean to look good for years. The handles and hinges also give you matching or contrasting colour options for these extraordinary bifolding doors.  You can then choose the right glass to meet your needs. Laminated for extra security, acoustic for a quieter home, triple glazing and even glass with built-in manual or electric blinds. Every door comes built to your sizes, colour, configuration and specification.  


High performance bifolding doors

Top-of-the-line design meets master craftsmanship and the very best specifications. Every component of a Dutemann bifolding door is designed for striking looks, reliability and performance.

Pioneering technology with refined style

Latest technology aluminium with advanced insulation and foams saves on energy with U-Values as low as 1.0 W/m2K, easily surpassing current Building Regulations. Certified door security to Secured by Design, PAS24 and Document Q thanks to quadruple locking catches, multipoint locks and strong steel locking rods. The light and smooth folding action come from purpose-designed dual rollers at the head and fully concealed rollers at the bottom track. Then you get full weather sealing whether you choose a standard threshold or one set low for that sophisticated smooth floor inside and out.  

Dutemann bifolding doors

The widest door panels for the best views

Where most typical bifold door openings need four panel doors, Dutemann only needs three.

dutemann fd85 bifolding doors viewed from inside with garden view
Reduced sightlines with formidable panel sizes make Dutemann FD85 bifolding doors truly special. The stand-out feature of these superior folding sliding doors is how they look like patio doors yet open up your space in the summer with panache. Part of our range of modern sliding folding doors for your home with the latest in aluminium design, locking systems and exceptional performance. Above all, Dutemann FD85 doors create a glorious new space in your home with eye-catching appeal. These UK-made doors are simply beautiful, ultra-modern and your guarantee of a superior product in your home.

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