Introducing Aluco Aluminium – luxurious steel-look windows and doors

Aluco Aluminium designs and makes some of the best steel-look, industrial and Art-Deco windows and doors, crafted with meticulous detail and quality. Available for the outside or the inside of your home, Aluco Aluminium combines the timeless charm of classic designs with robust and efficient aluminium materials with the latest technology. Here’s everything you need to know about the products available within our new Aluco Aluminium range.

Aluco Alumnium Steel-Look windows and doors

aluco aluminium steel look french doors in a lounge setting with patio views

Made of aluminium and a fantastic addition to our general steel-look collection, the Aluco range creates stylish, ultra-slim and designer steel-inspired windows and doors and available with more design options, glazing bar sizes and designer door hardware than other brands. At the sake time, these products are carefully designed to match steel windows and doors, but at a substantially lower price and without the very long lead times of steel.

Aluco Aluminium is a brand renowned for its quality and luxury in industrial, Art-Deco, and steel-inspired windows and doors. You get the desirable and classic aesthetic of steel, with all the benefits of modern aluminium, full of style and sophistication.

The Aluco Exterior Collection

aluco aluminium steel-look french doors in black with side panels, brick opening

The Aluco Exterior Collection is a stunning offering of steel-look windows and doors designed for the exterior of the home. This collection includes casement windows, single and French doors, as well as steel-look bifold doors.

Aluco exterior windows and doors aren’t all about great looks. They come with excellent security, weather sealing and energy efficiency thanks to thermally insulated frames and high-performance glass. The result is a range that combines the classic and timeless appeal of steel with the benefits of modern aluminium, providing homeowners with an elegant and secure solution for their homes. And Aluco Aluminium doors also come with the distinctive features of steel, such as the feature backplate behind the handles, and period door handles. Even better, they come with some of the thinnest glazing bars and even a fully glazed door solution.

The Aluco Interior Collection

aluco aluminium internal hinged and sliding doors in a large conservatory

Moving indoors, the Aluco Interior Collection offers a beautiful range of sliding doors, single and double doors with optional side panels and fixed screens. These interior doors exude the same heritage and steel style as the exterior collection but with a luxurious feel that can truly transform the inside of a home.

Whether you prefer hinged or sliding internal doors, Aluco has it all. Their design allows for uninterrupted floor flow, as there’s no track or threshold. This makes the Aluco Interior Collection one of the slimmest and best-made ranges on the market. And the same fully glazed options, thin or standard glazing bars and designer door handles, finish off the doors and the inside of a home.

Unmatched Design Flexibility

black internal steel-look doors

What sets the Aluco Aluminium range apart is its commitment to design flexibility. Both collections offer styling and sightlines that mirror the aesthetics of steel windows. Moreover, Aluco Aluminium provides a greater variety of glazing bar options than our other brands, giving you the choice of ultra-slim doors, fully glazed in the steel look or a bolder style using mullions and transoms.

When it comes to colour, Aluco doesn’t disappoint. While black remains the most popular choice for this style, the brand offers an astounding selection of over 150 other colours, catering to every possible design preference.

For the glass, we offer a complete choice of clear, patterned or textured glass, toughened or laminated and even the period Reeded glass design, adding a touch of the old to your new modern interior doors.

Aspire Bifolds: Your Trusted Installer

As a trained and approved installer of Aluco steel-look windows and doors, Aspire Bifolds is excited to bring this incredible range to their customers. With our aluminium expertise, professional installation, and caring after-care service, we ensure a seamless and satisfying experience from selection to installation.

To see the quality and appeal of the Aluco Aluminium range in person, we welcome you to visit our Epsom Showroom, where we have a complete range of products on display.

The Aluco Aluminium range, paired with the trusted service of Aspire Bifolds, heralds a new era in home aesthetics, one where beauty, durability, and affordability coexist seamlessly. All our Aluco Aluminium products come with our first-class customer service, professional installation and quality guarantee.