A complete guide to Cortizo sliding doors

The entire range of Cortizo sliding doors is a premium brand of products providing the latest in aluminium door design, excellent styling and a choice of sliding door products. Cortizo sliding doors come in a choice of products to suit most property requirements and budgets, from the cost-effective new patio door, right up to the most impressive Grand Designs-type minimal sliding glass wall.

Why consider Cortizo sliding doors for your property project?

Cortizo sliding doors in a contemporary large house leading to decking

With today’s home extensions and property renovation projects wanting thinner and more modern styling for their sliding doors, Cortizo sliding doors deliver on both.

Then is the reputation of the Cortizo name. One of the leading aluminium brands across Europe and successful in the UK for many years already, Cortizo designs advanced doors, windows and screens with the highest specifications.

The trend for slimmer sliding doors with thinner mullions has been around for about five years and there is no doubt, Cortizo were the first to market with a unique sliding door that features an impossibly thin middle mullion at just 20mm. This is more than half of what was previously available with sliding doors, without going to the ultra-high-end sliding doors with a huge price premium.

Types of Cortizo sliding doors available

There are substantial models available within the Cortizo sliding doors range. These are not only just for exterior use, but also designed to create internal sliding partitions and sliding doors with specific functionality. In the UK, the following sliding doors designed by Cortizo are the best known.

Whichever of the range you choose, all doors from this brand promise a well-insulated product helping lower your energy bills. Security and weather sealing are also excellent. Being aluminium you get a great choice of colours, glass options and sliding door designs.

Cortizo Cor Vision

Cortizo Cor Vision sliding doors in a double glass side living room.

When you want Cortizo sliding doors with the thinnest possible mullion profile, the Cor-Vision sliding door is the go-to door. These original sliding doors with a 20mm central mullion create some of the best views. Even better, the Cor Vision is suitable both as a replacement for your dated patio doors and even better when designed into a new extension.

  • Designed for maximum light and minimal frame.
  • Ultra-slim 20mm sightlines and low U-values.
  • 2-6 sliding sashes pocket and open corner arrangements.
  • The doors offer excellent air, water, and wind resistance.

Cortizo Cor Vision plus

sliding doors with slim 20mm mullions just like sunflex sliding doors

Cortizo Cor Vision plus are very similar to the Cor-Vision, but differ in two key areas. First of all, these are designed for new build openings, so they don’t really work as a replacement for dated patio doors. Another feature of these doors is their much larger panel sizes of up to 4m wide or 4m high.

•The Cortizo Cor-Vision Plus Sliding System is a minimalistic sliding system that is specifically suitable for large dimensions, allowing the maximum luminosity with a minimum visible section of aluminium.

  • Extraordinary glazing capacity of up to 54mm thick glass.
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Two or four sash design only and for new build openings.
  • The ultimate sliding door often seen on Grand Designs.

Cortizo 4600 sliding doors

Cortizo sliding doors 4700 model in a white colour, new kitchen

When you want a more affordable product from the Cortizo sliding doors range, the 4600 model is an excellent alternative and where the thinnest sightlines aren’t the most important factor in your property renovation or design. Available as lift and slide or inline sliding doors, Cortizo 4700 sliding doors come with a still-pleasing 40mm mullion, and contemporary styling and are great as a replacement for dated sliding doors. Cortizo 4700 patio doors are designed to maximise panoramic views at a more affordable price.

  • They have low U-values of just 1.1 W/(m²K) when triple glazed.
  • Standard or pocket door options from one up to four sliding sashes.
  • Maximum panel sizes of 2500 (W) x 3000 (H) mm.
  • Excellent security, air, water and wind resistance.

Cortizo 4700 sliding doors

white sliding patio doors in London new house

The 4700 model is very similar to the 4600 but only comes in a straight sliding or inline design. There is no lift-and-slide option. It remains a modern, high-quality sliding door product from the excellent Cortizo range for your property project. You get the same 40mm 0r 50mm mullion dimensions and the sizes of the door are perfect for when you don’t want the biggest or heaviest sliding panels.

  • Low U-values of just 1.1 W/(m²K) for thermal insulation (triple glazed).
  • Flexible design, with two, three, four sashes and double/triple tracks.
  • Maximum sizes of up to 3300 (W) x 3300 (H) mm and excellent air, water and wind resistance.

More information about Cortizo Sliding Doors

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