A complete guide to Origin internal doors

In addition to their excellent range of bifolding doors that are some of the best, Origin internal doors transform the inside of your home. Taking inspiration from heritage, industrial, Art-Deco or steel-look designs, here is why Origin internal doors are essential if you want to add a touch of aluminium style inside your home.

What are the new Origin internal doors?

Origin internal doors

The new Origin internal doors range is called the OI-30. These doors are specifically designed for use inside the home. They come predominantly single-glazed and, therefore, can’t be used outside. If you want this style for exterior doors, we have a complete range of steel-look windows, doors, patio doors and screens.

The design of Origin internal doors is all about recreating the popular look of luxury steel doors such as Crittall®, but do bear in mind only the genuine steel article gives you the exact styling. Instead, Origin internal doors provide an aluminium alternative at a much more affordable price whilst still having some of the design cues of original steel doors.

  • The grid-like pattern is achieved with various horizontal and/or vertical glazing bars.
  • The distinctive thicker plate behind the door handle
  • Super-slim sightlines similar to classic steel windows
  • The desirable black colour finish.

This outstanding collection of interior glazing aims to create an alternative door option in aluminium compared to timber doors whilst making a bold style statement—thinner, more glass, more modern, brightening up your rooms with light flowing between them. 

Moreover, because this outstanding and luxurious product is intended for use internally, they create stylish internal doors, partition screens and room dividers. They work either in your home and are equally at home in commercial settings as office screens and partitions.

The design of Origin internal doors is all about being thin, elegant, sleek and stylish. At the same time, the legendary Origin manufacturing quality enhances your interior spaces with truly special slimline aluminium interior doors.   As such, the frames are thinner front to back than exterior doors with a small 40mm frame depth. The mullions and transoms come in a choice of sizes and again are designed to create glass panels whilst also being aesthetically appealing.

All OI-30 Origin internal doors are only made by Origin – your guarantee of a quality brand, excellent manufacturing quality and a reliable guarantee. At Aspire Bifolds, we are also your local Premium Partner for the Surrey area.  

Origin internal doors – models available

Four product options in the Origin internal doors range all create opening doors, fixed screens or combination screens using single or double doors and glazed panels.

OI-30 Single door

origin internal doors in a utility room partially open

Need stylish steel look internal doors? Look no further than the single door model. It’s perfect for any of your reception rooms, utility rooms and kitchen. With the choice of obscure glass, these are also designer bathroom doors looking amazing in your downstairs toilet, ensuite or main bathroom.

Origin single doors open inwards or outwards, have no threshold at the bottom, letting your flooring run clear and with no step-over as you move between your rooms.

The entirely bespoke nature of these doors, means you get a choice of glazing bar configurations to create the pattern you want. Or you might prefer more glass and less bars.  

Again made to order, your new Origin OI-30 single doors are available as small as 300mm wide up to 1000mm wide and up to 2500mm high. The locking system on these doors is a single-point latch operated by the designer door handle or a thumbturn operation in a choice of metal finishes. 

OI-30 French Doors

Origin OI30 internal doors dividing a two living rooms

The steel look French door is incredibly popular for patio doors and you can now get this iconic look inside. Origin OI-30 French doors also come in a black finish and with a choice of horizontal or vertical bars. Use these doors to divide a lounge and dining room, as a hallway partition or anywhere you want to divide and separate the space.

Double doors come in sizes starting at 660mm wide to 2060mm wide and up to 2500mm high. You’ll find the designer door handle on the primary leaf, with the second one secured by finger bolts.

Origin OI-30 Corner doors and screens

origin internal steel-look screen in an office setting

If you have the space, Origin internal doors come at even larger sizes, where you can create a glass room. These are also intended for office spaces. The design options again are flexible, with one or both sides having doors or creating a complete glass wall. A purpose-designed corner post provides the required corner detail.  

Origin fixed screens

Finally is the option of creating glazed screens. Maybe you have a doorway you don’t use or want to partially divide a room with one side of the screen exposed. Origin internal screens come with all the size flexibility you need, creating New York-style interior screens, going up to around 3m high.

Configuring your new Origin internal doors

The fully customisable nature of these doors ensures you get exactly the look and feel you want for your rooms. First, we work with you for the sizes you want. Next it’s choosing the bar design. For your doors, whether they open in or out.

Origin internal doors come with two glazing beads options, both providing a different look. The Square bead more modern, the sloping version a little more traditional.

For the doors, there’s the option of a standard slim or a deeper bottom rail, typical of classic steel doors adding a further look to how you design your internal doors.

Of course, all glass is the correct safety type, including laminated glass where you need that extra peace of mind. And because these are internal doors, your options on glass aren’t limited to just clear. You can even choose the traditional reeded glass, a feature of classic steel doors of the period.  

It is the sheer choice of Origin internal door handles that finish off your product. These are the finest quality you’d expect for inside your home, in a choice of stunning metal colours and finishes, textures and styles.

Give your home a touch of luxury with Origin internal doors – get a quote today

double origin internal doors in a lounge setting

At Aspire Bifolds, we offer the complete range of Origin internal doors for your home or office. Contact us today to view the products, get a free quotation or discuss your project requirements.