Why SIPs panels for garden rooms are better

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are prefabricated panels used in the construction of our garden rooms. SIPs panels for garden rooms create the walls, roof and floors, and they’re one of the best construction materials for outside garden buildings. Combined with the exterior cladding materials, your new garden room is insulated, rigid, low-maintenance and very long-lasting.

What are sips panels for garden rooms?

SIPs panels for garden rooms showing finished garden room in grey colour

SIPs are specially manufactured prefabricated panels. They’re widely used in the construction of low-maintenance and thermally efficient garden buildings.

The makeup of SIPs panels for garden rooms comprises laminated high-density exterior wood to the outside and inside faces. Between these is a very highly insulated core. Thick, strong, easy to assemble and built to last, SIPs panels for garden rooms provide all manner of benefits in the life of your new garden room. Importantly, SIPs also allow us to build your garden room faster. You can use them in all residential garden structures and exterior buildings using SIPs such as outside classrooms and additional rooms in other commercial buildings.

residential garden rooms and commercial garden offices.

The interior walls of your garden room use a material that’s ready to decorate. The exterior walls use composite cladding available in a variety of colours, giving a contemporary look and feel.

SIPs panels for garden rooms – the benefits

Better than timber, with no painting or staining, SIPs are widely regarded as the better material for outside buildings such as your new garden room.

  • An incredibly long service life
  • Protection from moisture and airtightness
  • Easy assembly gives you your new garden room faster
  • Excellent thermal credentials and sound insulation
  • An eco-friendly sustainable material

Even better, the sustainable credentials of SIPs panels for garden rooms make your new building very environmentally friendly, thanks to the low energy required in the construction of the panels. Of course, the enhanced thermal performance also saves money on heating or cooling your new garden room.

Because SIPs create an airtight space, the insulation and sealing is excellent. You benefit from a garden room that’s warmer in winter, cooler in summer and generally has a very good internal comfort.

The faster construction comes about because of the prefabricated nature of the panels. Assembling the walls, roof and flooring are better and easier with SIPs than with other construction materials.

You can also feel comfortable that the materials used are sustainable. The wood used is all from renewable sources and even the insulation uses less energy than other types of insulation. Above all, less materials are used constructing your new garden room.

Are SIPs cheaper to build with?

close up of wooden SIPs panels

The overall price you pay for your new garden room depends on several factors such as the size, layout, the choice of doors and windows and colour. However, SIPs are for a long time regarded as creating a more affordable building structure.

How long do SIPs panels last?

SIPs panels have been used in construction for more than thirty years, so they’re already a tried and tested building material. Many SIPs products have an estimated lifespan of more than fifty years.

What happens if SIPs panels get wet?

It’s not recommended that the panel gets wet, but this is generally unlikely when correctly constructed and cladded. It’s the external cladding we use in the roof and walls providing sealing and weather protection on our SIPs panels for garden rooms.

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