Why composite cladding for garden rooms is better

The material you choose matters if you’re thinking about building that extra space in your garden. That’s why composite cladding for garden rooms is one of the best materials available. It’s low maintenance, easy to keep clean, longer-lasting and withstands all weathers. It also keeps its great looks for longer. Composite cladding has significant benefits over the wood materials or traditional wooden boards used in other types of garden rooms.

Is composite cladding for garden rooms any good?

grey composite cladding for garden rooms showing a new garden structure
Composite cladding for garden rooms is a high-tech material with minimal maintenance and long service life.

Cladding has several types and is intended to form an attractive external surface. We use composite cladding for our garden rooms collection as the exterior decorative surface. This is attached to the inner structural insulated panels providing the walls, thermal performance and structural strength to the walls, roof and floor.

Whilst our garden rooms don’t rely on cladding for structural strength, this advanced material does help in keeping the structure more stable, such as in windy conditions. Fixing the composite cladding to the structural insulated panel walls makes the garden room even more rigid, resisting outside winds and pressure.

Above all, the composite cladding for garden rooms you’ll find in any of our hand-crafted pods with latest generation glazing, creates a beautiful garden building that’s superbly well insulated and attractive. Even better, it works with all types of gardens and property, new or old. Securely fixed to your new garden room with invisible fixings, it also plays a key role in keeping the worst of the weather away.

How do you fit cladding to a garden room?

The composite cladding for garden rooms comes in extruded slats that clip together tightly and securely. These are then fixed to the structural insulated panels with concealed fixings, so all you see is a wood-like beautiful surface.

Of course, our trained installers also use the latest fixing materials and tools.

How long will composite cladding for garden rooms last?

The warranty you get with our composite cladding comes with a 20-year warranty. Of course, we use the fixings and installation methods specified by the designer and manufacturer of the cladding material.

Is composite cladding waterproof?

Yes, the materials, the assembly method and the overall design ensure our composite cladding for garden rooms is waterproof and weatherproof.

What’s the difference between PVCu and composite cladding?

PVCu cladding has the same flat shiny or matt appearance as PVCu windows and doors. Composite cladding offers a more active and visually authentic surface thanks to its wood-like appearance or feel when you touch it.

The only way you can get a similar look and feel with PVCu cladding is using woodgrain foils applied over the top of the PVCu material.

Is it safe to paint composite cladding?

You shouldn’t ever need to treat or paint this material. The way composite cladding is made also means there’s no risk of facing even when exposed to the sun – as garden rooms are.

What’s the difference between Cladding and Cladding Panel?

Cladding is the timber-alternative material itself. A cladding panel is the same material that comes in set sizes making design and installation easier.

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