How to create a garden room home office

Working from home is set to continue for many people and a garden room home office provides an excellent opportunity to create a dedicated workspace away from the main house and family activity. With how we work set to change in 2022 and beyond, people are looking to create something better than working at a dining table or in the kitchen. And it’s here a garden room home office provides numerous benefits.

Garden room home office – a more permanent space to work at home

garden room home office showing a desk, computer and garden views

Many employers are now letting staff work from home, either on a permanent basis or by giving their staff a better work-life balance with one, two or more days spent working at home. Of course, there are thousands of different careers, businesses and services operated from home for some years already. Working from home, therefore, is new to some, or a way of life already. However you work from home, a good working environment is important for productivity. And it’s here a garden room home office brings several benefits.

Can you build a home office in your garden?

The good news is that you don’t usually need planning permission to build a structure in your garden. Assuming you can meet the requirements relating to the distance from the neighbouring property and some other requirements, you’re free to create your new garden room home office.

Does a garden room home office at value to a property?

Adding additional space to your home, whether with a new extension, or loft conversion always adds value to your home. A garden room is no exception, and the better you design this, the more appealing it is to future buyers of your home.

Can you run a business from a garden room?

If you already work from home successfully, there’s no reason why creating a dedicated home office with a garden room can’t provide more benefits. IT professionals, interior designers, counselling and therapy, and of course small single-person small businesses all work from home.

Do check whether you need to comply with any insurance and professional indemnity requirements.

Why a garden room home office makes sense

Aside from the benefits of working from home generally, such as no commuting, being more productive and even working better and longer hours, setting up a good home workspace has other benefits.

For individuals or families, there’s a better balance between work and leisure time, leading to a better sense of well-being.

A garden room home office creates a separate space, where your customers or suppliers can stay away from your living environment. And if your home already has side or rear garden access, they don’t even need to come through your home to get to your workspace.

Many customers and suppliers are happy to work with businesses working from home. Taking your customers to a dedicated space they can clearly see and understand such as a garden room home office, makes you look more professional. Your customers will also feel better if there is sensitive information to discuss. Of course, meetings with one or more people are taking place in a focused space, away from the home environment too.

When the working day is done, being able to leave the work environment and keep it separate is another important benefit of a garden room home office.

No more packing away things from the dining table or kitchen area. Your office paperwork stays in one dedicated place and there’s less chance of mislaying crucial documents. Your printer, office supplies and other work materials and peripherals are all safely tucked away in their own space. And with our garden rooms having the same high security doors and locking systems as doors you’d find in a modern house glazing, it’s also very secure.

Of course, enjoying the benefits of a garden room home office provides benefits for your family. The home environment stays the same for them. There’s no tiptoeing around you whilst you’re on the phone. Washing machines or cleaning can go on as planned, there’s no background noise from your home environment as you take business calls.

The perfect garden room home office with an Aspire Pod

Every one of our bespoke garden rooms and pods, creates wonderful spaces for you to work, making you more productive, creating and giving you and your clients a better environment to do business.

We take care of everything you need to get set up with the things you need to work better.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas and we’ll help you create the ideal garden room for working from home.