More space from a Garden room with veranda

When you want to use your garden room and its immediate outside space, a garden room with veranda gives you even more and especially in the summer. Design a garden room with veranda right with our expert help, and you get space for a hot tub, patio furniture and even more ways to enjoy your garden.

The garden room with veranda design explained

garden room with verandah and timber decking

There are a number of ways to explain a veranda, but in short it’s an open porch-type design with an roof above. Essentially it creates an open area at the front or the back of a property just like a patio.

For a garden room with veranda, we take the same design philosophy and extend the outside decked area of any of our garden room products as well as the roof. The result is an open space, providing some protection from the odd shower, but also giving you extra space to make more of your beautiful new garden room.

Why a garden room with veranda design is better

The obvious benefit to considering a garden room with veranda is the extra space outside. The larger area outside expands the feel of the room and especially with the doors open.

Next is how the extra outside area and covered roof makes a perfect place for what is now commonplace in our gardens. Attractive all-year-round patio furniture, or a small continental style table and chairs for that morning coffee in the summer. Or how about a place to put your hot tub with the benefit of the roof above?

Whilst the sides might be open, having the roof above is great if you do have garden items designed for the outdoors, but you’d like to give them just that little bit more protection during the winter.

Of course, it’s in the summer where this extra space comes into its own. You can work outside whilst having your table on a stable footing instead of the lawn. Take your lunch break outside, giving you a change of scene from the desk. It’s also great if your meeting clients or colleagues, creating an open space to work whilst still lookin professional. Or you can use the area when entertaining as it’s connected to the inside space and making your guests feel part of one room.

Design the garden room with veranda at the right size and you’ve also instantly created an outdoor dining area large enough for a table with six or even eight chairs with our larger models.

When we design a garden room with verandas, larger is better but even at a standard size, they’re a practical and stylish addition to your new garden room.

The exterior Forma cladding material looks authentic with a premium feel and a beautiful appearance.  It’s technology is widely used in buildings and constructions where access is often limited and therefore requires the strongest, most resilient and low maintenance characteristics.  At the same time, this synthetic material looks natural without the  care associated with timber garden buildings. 

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A strong and rigid base, a proper canopy above and dedicated flooring below. You also get lighting above for all-night enjoyment. Choose a garden room with veranda and get more out of your investment every day of the year.

Attractive, modern, insulated and low maintenance, and supplied with luxurious slimline sliding, folding or French doors and windows. Let us help you create a wonderful new space where the whole family, your friends or business clients will love to be.

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