handle choices when you buy Schuco bifold doors

When it comes to the premium brands of folding sliding doors, Schuco are one of the best and when you buy Schuco bifold doors from Aspire, you have several choices over and above the standard product. In this article, we explain the two different ways we provide the expertly-crafted Schuco bifolds.

Beware false information about how to buy Schuco bifold doors

shuco open corner bifolds in article explaining how to buy Schuco bifold doors

First of all, it’s worth explaining why some websites about Schuco bifolds, incorrectly claim that if your Schuco doors don’t come with branded Schuco hardware, they’re somehow ‘fake’. This is simply untrue, and you can verify the information we give you with Schuco directly – you don’t need to take our word for it.

Why there’s no such thing as fake when you buy Schuco bifold doors

Only Schuco extrude their aluminium profiles and nobody else makes doors that claim to be a Schuco. There is only one door on the market, designed somewhat similar to Schuco, having the same 120mm mullion sightline, although it does not go as wide as the Schuco bifold. It also has the same adjustable jamb. We sell this exact product made by Dutemann in Kent and called the Dutemann FD120, which you can read more about.

And generally speaking, the aluminium systems might have features replicated that are found on other systems, but doors and windows are not an industry where there are counterfeit products and fakes.

Schuco approve their fabricators

The only place to buy Schuco profiles is Schuco the systems company. However, you can’t just go to the company and buy their profiles to make their doors or windows.
Each and every Schuco manufacturer needs to be approved and trained by Schuco.

Therefore, when you read that there are Schuco doors that are fake, it’s worth asking which company has made these doors. Then you can check directly with Schuco that they are, in fact, an approved manufacturer.

Why Schuco doors with different handles are not fake

Schuco doors come as standard with branded Schuco hardware to the main locking leaf. We also offer this option. The only downside for some customers with using the Schuco-provided hardware is the doors lock with a wind-up method. Many customers don’t find this convenient, preferring the more popular lift to lock method via the door handle.

Also provided with this alternative method of locking the doors is the Winkhaus lock. This brand of locks is one of the best on the market.

Above all, Schuco is aware some of their approved manufacturers are providing alternative handles. If they were not happy, they would stop providing them with the aluminium profiles.

Why we provide an alternative handle when you buy Schuco bifold doors

At Aspire Bifolds, we’ve installed significant numbers of Schuco bifolding doors all over London, Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our products are bought from an approved Schuco manufacturer, we’re trained in the installation of the product and offer a quality guarantee.

We offer an alternative locking system following customer feedback. Schuco designs spectacular bifolding doors but no product provides all the features customers want or like. For instance, they don’t provide coloured gaskets where our Origin products come with seven colour options.

When you buy Schuco bifold doors from Aspire, these are only made by Schuco approved fabricators which are verifiable with the company directly. You can view our doors in our Epsom showroom, view our many installations and check out our excellent google reviews.