Buying bifolding doors by Aspire

At Aspire Bifolds, we know our bifolds and that’s why when buying bifolding doors from our range, we give you six different versions to choose from. Bifolding doors promise to open up your home connecting your room to your patio area and garden. With many brands on the market, we’ve chosen six of the best. Here’s everything you need to know about buying one of our bifolds and the benefits each one provides.

The best brands when buying bifolding doors from Aspire

All the bifold door brands and systems we sell are made in the UK by some of the best manufacturers in the country. We carefully choose the brands we provide, not only to give the best possible choice, but also doors that are proven to be reliable. Every customer has different requirements from their bifold, whether it’s down to price, how fast it’s available and of course how it looks.

We’re confident our entire range of products meets all possible requirements for our customers in London and Surrey.

Choosing Origin bifolding doors

buying bifolding doors showing black bifolds at night

The Origin brand is now one of the best known in the UK and we recommend any of their two folding sliding doors when speed is of the essence.

Origin has manufacturing capability down to a fine art, making doors in standard colours faster than any other manufacturer. Therefore, when you need your doors fast, Origin is your best option. Of course, our own installation lead times come into play as to when you’ll have these fitted, but typically Origin helps us fit your doors quicker too.

The classically styled OB72 is now a staple product in the UK and comes in larger sizes as well as an open corner design. You can even get a woodgrain texture, perhaps if your property has existing timber windows and doors. If any of these features matter to you, it’s the go-to product when buying bifolding doors.

Then there’s the Origin OB-49 that’s one of the slimmest in the UK with mullion sightlines of 110mm. It doesn’t come at panel sizes as large as the OB-72. If you’re creating a standard size opening or repacing a dated set of bifolds, it’s a great choice.

Whichever of these two quality bifolds you choose they both come with a few key features also making them highly desirable when buying bifolding doors. First of all, are the colour matched seals and gaskets. Only Origin bifolds come with a choice of seven gasket colours letting you colour match your doors to the seals. All other doors come with standard black gaskets.

Second is the colour matching options where you can colour match most components to the aluminium frames – again something other brands don’t usually offer in such a choice.

Schuco bifolding doors

schuco bifold doors in a london house extension

In our professional opinion, and watching the reaction of our customers when they visit our showroom, the Schuco bifold is our top-end product.

Designed in Germany, made in the UK, Schuco is a premium brand in the same way you might choose top brand appliances or a prestige brand of car. The design, styling and quality are superb. It’s only when you slide and fold a Schuco door does the quality become apparent.

Another great feature of Schuco when buying bifolding doors is the heavy-duty model. Its panels go up to 1.5m wide each. The look is just like one of our slim sliding door products, but with all the benefits of a bifold.

Sightlines on a Schuco bifold are ultra-modern and slim at just 120mm and the main door handles are beautiful in design. We’re sure when you come to our showroom and try out our doors, you’ll instantly understand why the Schuco brand is upper-level and worth considering for your property project.

Alitherm and steel-look bifolding doors

buying bifolding doors showing a steel-look design

Then we come to our two options using the Smart Systems brand, the biggest in the UK. Also called Visofold, these doors are the best selling in the UK, tried and tested, widely used and with a solid reputation.

The one in our showroom is designed as a steel-look bifold and it looks spectacular if you’re looking for this popular industrial or heritage style. Slim profiles, elegant glazing bars and quality handles create a stylish bifold in this style. So when you know you want a bifold in the steel-look, there’s no better design than the steel-look Smart Systems product.

And because this door is also available in a standard design, you can choose this when you want the thinnest door with 94mm mullion sightlines and a more affordable bifold.

Buying Bifolding Doors made by Dutemann

Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors

Dutemann is one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of aluminium doors and the European styled bifold called the FD85 is superb. This has very modern styling and very slim door mullions at just 105mm. Another benefit of the FD85 model is that it’s capable of larger panel sizes than most of our other brands.

If you want fewer door panels and have space in your room or your patio for these to stack, then the Dutemann bifold goes up to 1.35m wide. This size capability is perfect when you have, say a 4-metre opening, normally needing four or five panels, the FD85 covers the opening with just three panels.

Helping you when buying bifolding doors in Surrey and London

All of our bifolding doors give you the options and features you’d like. Low or flush tracks, a great choice of colours, all manner of glass upgrades, flexible sizes and opening/folding designs. Of course, you’ll also get a quality guarantee and our own professional installation. Contact us today for a viewing or get in touch for a quotation.