5 benefits of a Garden room with a shed

Everyone needs storage in their garden as well as the benefits of a new garden room and here, a garden room with a shed creates the best of both worlds. One side of the structure is the garden room for living, the other a useable storage space for the garden items we all have. Here we explain how to get a garden room with a shed for your property renovation project.

An attractive and discreet garden room with a shed

a garden room with a shed attached in a London garden
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Not everyone has a garden large enough for separate storage space as well as getting all the benefits garden rooms provide. Therefore, designing one of our pods as a garden room with a shed to the one side makes a lot of sense.

The larger side is the usable space, for work, play, relaxation or using our pods as a summer house. Then there’s a smaller space on the side you use as your garden shed.

The modern materials we use in every one of our pods also make your new garden room with a shed, look modern and attractive – a far cry from the typical image of a wooden shed or a self-assembly item.

The benefits of choosing a garden room with a shed

There are many benefits of combining a shed or useable storage within your garden room design.

More efficient use of your garden space

First of all, is a better use of the garden space you have. Because the garden room and storage area are combined, there’s no need for an additional structure for your lawnmower, garden tools, hose or other things we all keep in our shed. As a result, your side access remains unobstructed if this was planned for a shed, and you get more lawn coverage and areas for your plants and shrubs.

Enhanced use of your garden room

One of the most popular uses for an Aspire Pod Garden room is as a studio or home gym. The downside can be that when you want to use your garden room for summer relaxing or entertaining, these gym or crafts items remain in the room.

Designing your garden room with a shed or storage attached lets you quickly move them to the storage space when you’re not working out or working, You easily free up the garden room for other uses.

Your garden shed looks more attrative

Let’s face it, sheds aren’t the most attractive. Integrating one within your garden room design gives it the same modern appearance as the rest of the garden room. The same low-maintenance materials that don’t need painting or staining and with a more durable roof than regular sheds.

The best security for your storage area

Our entire range of garden rooms comes with the same premium doors and windows used in houses. As a result, they are super secure as well as insulated, and come with a choice of opening options, hinged, sliding or fixed.

We put the same high quality exterior doors to the garden room with a shed attached giving far better security than regular shed locks. As a result, your gym equipment, garden furniture and possessions are safe and protected.

Longer lasting than other garden sheds and storage units

With the same Forma material used in all our products, every garden room with a shed on the side has a modern look, tactile feel and overall great appearance. It doesn’t look like a storage cupboard or shed, it simply blends in with the entire design.

Give your garden a fresh new look with an Aspire Pod

Practical, attractive, modern and vibrant, let us help you create a wonderful new space in your garden with the added benefit of storage for the garden items we all have.  

Contact us today, arrange a free quotation and discuss your requirements with us.

Featured image credit: malgosia janicka / Shutterstock.com