Commercial garden rooms for business

For businesses, charities, local authority services, leisure facilities and more, our commercial garden rooms provide an excellent and innovative space. Using an Aspire pod as a commercial garden room or unit, provides additional space, often within your existing parking or outdoor area. Here are just some of the benefits of our commercial garden rooms to benefit your business

Commercial garden rooms for a variety of business

commercial garden rooms showing a building going through his plans

The modern design of any of our garden room products gives you long-lasting, low-maintenance and highly insulated outdoor buildings, often more cost-effective than traditional brick-built designs. If your business as the outside space to take any of our garden room sizes, it’s often better and cheaper than relocating your business to larger premises too. Their low-maintenance, eco-friendly materials also help reduce your general building maintenance and repair costs.

Easy to install around your business hours, at Aspire Pods, we deliver the extra space you need to adapt or grow your business. For your customers, they can also help create a focal feature of your business.

Commercial garden rooms as meeting rooms

If your existing business premises, are open plan or otherwise hard to carry out quieter meetings, building an exterior commercial garden room provides an entirely separate space.

An excellent solution for taking your clients or staff to a pleasant and focused area of your premises for important meetings, interviews or staff appraisals.

A garden room day creche

Subject to the right permissions, whether at home or a business, you can add a day creche for your staff, helping with their childcare needs.

Typcially a garden office at home doesn’t need specific planning permission as the garden structure comes under Permitted Development rules. For business, you would need the appropriate permissions, and there more information about running a business from home on the Planning Portal website.

Visitor areas away from your main building

There are certain businesses such as care homes and particularly during the pandemic where more care is needed on visits with suitable social distancing. One of our smaller garden pods at a 4m x 3m size makes an excellent visitors room, fitted with a glass dividing wall for closeness with suitable distancing

For businesses needing marketing suites, visitor centres or even a separate reception area, commercial garden rooms also provide ideal solutions. An excellent example is private housing developments where the construction company can meet interested house-buyers away from the building site. You can even include the garden room in the sale of the property once finished!

A new business showroom or training room

If your business manufactures products, it’s often hard to separate customer areas from the noise and day-to-day operations of a factory environment.

Installing one of our garden rooms in your outside space creates an excellent showroom to showcase your products as well as keeping customers and visitors away from the activity of your offices or factory.

Additional space for leisure businesses

Another example of where our commercial garden rooms make sense is creating dedicated reception areas, shops or storerooms.

Golf clubs, animal sanctuaries, wildlife parks, arts and crafts businesses and many more can use our structure as visitor shops, storage areas, even a front reception area. Arts and Crafts businesses get a dedicated clean area for displaying or selling their products as another good example.

The benefits of commercial garden rooms

Here are just some of the ways Aspire Pods commercial garden rooms could make sense for your business

Easy to plan and budget for

Our prices are fixed so your business has all the up-front costs in advance. Our products come priced with full supply and installation, include VAT and there are no hidden charges.

As a result, you can budget effectively for business improvements and renovations. For most businesses, our larger sized garden rooms at 5m x3m or 6m x 3m provide some of the best solutions.

Installed faster than brick-built structures

Typically installed in around two weeks, you can plan better with minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your business.

Our structures are generally not affected by delays associated with typical building work.

An excellent long-term investment

All the materials used in the construction of our commercial garden rooms are built to last and withstand the rigours of a commercial environment.

Low maintenance, environmentally friendly, highly insulated materials, that won’t need painting and come with a quality guarantee.

Commercial quality doors and windows

We know the doors and windows in public buildings get more use than the doors in our homes.

If your business has a higher flow of traffic, we can upgrade the existing doors to heavier duty and more reliable public doors. These come with low thresholds meeting business accessibility requirements, hidden closer mechanisms for reduced wear and tear, anti-finger trap hinge stiles preventing injury, and the option of opening in, out or both ways for convenience.

Commercial doors also integrate easily with access control and your building security or fire alarm system.

Added, functional business space ready fast

Subject to your requirements, our bespoke commercial garden rooms come as standard with all you need to get up and running fast.

Lighting, power points, flooring and finished ceilings and walls are all included. We’ll also plan andy specific technology or business machine requirements when we provide your free quotation.

Here’s what comes as standard:

  • The latest high specification energy-effiecient glazing, featuring high security doors and safety glass
  • A great choice of exterior wall finishes, standing out or blending with the school environment
  • A choice of hard-wearing flooring and finishes
  • 5 Power points with USB, 5 Ceiling spotlights and 2 exterior lamps

New ways to enhance your business with commercial garden rooms

Practical, attractive, modern and vibrant, let us help you create a wonderful new space where you and your staff will love to work, and a place to impress customers and visitors.

Contact us today, arrange a free quotation and discuss your requirements with us.