How small garden rooms give you big options

Small garden rooms can provide as much practicality and much-needed space as larger sized garden rooms. Perfect for new build houses, terraced houses or any London home with a smaller outside space and when you want to make more of it. Here’s how small garden rooms provide some great benefits even at these smaller sizes.

Small garden rooms and why any home benefits from one

small garden rooms in a surrey garden with the lights on at dusk
Even small garden rooms can offer you that much-needed extra space.

All the benefits of our high quality garden rooms apply when choosing smaller sizes too. You get the same highly insulated construction, top-brand aluminium windows and doors as well as the excellent specifications available with all our products. There’s no compromise just because they’re smaller.

So if you have a small garden or even a smaller property and need to add more space, small garden rooms could provide any number of solutions.

The smallest size in our garden pods collection starts at 3m x 3m. That’s more than enough room for a home office with a good-sized desk, a bookcase, even a small sofa or other furniture and accessories. This size is also larger than the ‘box rooms’ in many homes. So if you’ve made use of that smaller space already, imagine what you could do with a nine square metre new one!

The fully bespoke nature of all our garden rooms means you can be flexible with the design to meet your needs. So perhaps rather than a square design, we can help you design a garden room to work better with your layout.

So how else can small garden rooms provide more space? A place to work if you don’t have enough room in your main home. How about a hobby room so you’re not constantly taking out and putting away things like art materials, photography kit or excercise kit like weights, your fitness ball, resistant straps or fitness mats.

Even better, the customisation and personalisation options for even small garden rooms give you all the benefits of a room in your house, Heating and lighting, air conditioning in the summer and of course, electrics. We’ve lots of tips and advice on the various ways to make your new garden room personal to you.

From the exterior colour, to the inside walls and flooring. Even a choice of folding, sliding or French doors. Small garden rooms needn’t compromise on specifications or quality and our are packed with clever design features, leaving you to focus on enjoying that extra space!

Our products don’t normally require planning permission or application for Building Regulations Approval. For small detached buildings such as a garden shed or summerhouse in your garden, building regulations will not normally apply . This is as long as the floor area of the building is less than 15-20 square metres. Furthermore, it is at least 1/2m away from the boundary wall and contains NO sleeping accommodation.

Make small spaces better with an Aspire Pod

Many of us with smaller gardens often don’t give them the love they deserve, because we think they’re too small to bother with. But with careful planning and thought, even a small garden can feel new and better. Choose one of our small garden rooms and you’ll get a focal feature in your garden and it’ll make the outside space come to life.

Stylish and practical. Insulated and secure and with all the mod-cons of the rooms in your house. Our small garden rooms are attractive, will last and last and are incredibly low-maintenane compared with any timber structure.

At Aspire Pods, we offer free consultations with one of our professional designers, so we can help figure out exactly what will work best in your garden and you’ll know exactly how much it’ll cost you with our transparent pricing.

All our work is to the highest standard and you get a quality guarantee. Make the most of your garden with one of our garden rooms designed just for you.