Are garden rooms warm in winter?

When you see most of the messages about garden rooms making more of your home and garden for entertaining, it’s easy to think they’re only good in spring or summer. But choose your garden room carefully and you truly get an all-year-round room. With an Aspire Pod, the answer to are garden rooms warm in winter is a reassuring yes.

Space to work, play or relax in all seasons

are garden rooms warm in winter showing a fully insulated new garden room

You might think that a garden room should be cold, drafty and damp in winter – but this is far from the case. In fact, there are many reasons why they can make great places to spend time during colder months! But only when chosen with the finest materials offering outstanding levels of insulation, sealing and interior comfort.

If you’re currently thinking about the benefits of a new garden room, it’s natural to ask about how much you’ll use it in the winter or even whether you can. Garden rooms in all materials come with their own set of features which mean you may find yourself considering one for your next project or at least knowing what questions to ask when looking into them. And materials are one consideration for any new garden room.

A quality garden room you can use every day in comfort

The materials used in our pods make them some of the best for insulation and significantly better than wood structures.

We use the latest generation composite materials giving you the look and feel of timber as well as the same colour richness. However, won’t rot, twist or warp. Even better? They’re simple to keep clean with minimal maintenance too.

The composite and superbly well-insulated structure you get when you invest in a new garden room from Aspire is widely regarded by professionals as some of the best. The same materials you’ll find in cladding for buildings. Built to last, with a quality guarantee. The wood materials used is FSC certified meaning we care about our environmental credentials too.

The roof, the flooring, the walls and the glazing. All the essential elements of our garden rooms do way with any concerns about are garden rooms warm in winter!

And whether you choose bifolding, sliding or French doors, these come with the same high-end materials found in modern house extensions. Thermally insulated frames combined with high-specification safety glass units designed to keep the cold out and the heat in on those winter days. The benefits of our top-end materials you get in your new garden room provide the reverse in the summer – a room that is cool, comfortable and a joy to use.

And just to make sure you’re warm and dry, our pods also come with options for cooling and heating too. The size of your garden room will obviously affect the amount of heating it needs like any room in your house.

Our products don’t normally require planning permission or application for Building Regulations Approval. For outside buildings such as a garden room or summerhouse in your garden, building regulations will not normally apply. This is as long as the floor area of the building is less than 15-20 square metres. Furthermore, it is at least 1/2m away from the boundary wall and contains NO sleeping accommodation.

Transform your garden and property with a high-tech Aspire Pod

At Aspire Pods, we’ve created the perfect garden rooms for modern lifestyles. Easy and fast to build, attractive and desirable, adding value to how you use your home. And with the best materials keeping our garden rooms warm in winter so you can enjoy them more.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get started with transforming your outside and property with more space and a new room in your garden.