Running electricity to a garden room

Running electricity to a garden room is probably the most important thing to consider outside of how to design it. Electricity will be essential for not just light and power but also any fixtures, accessories and of course powering your television, computer or even heating and ventilation. In this article, we explain all you need to know for getting safe and suitable power to your new garden room.

running electricity to a garden room article showing a tv and music system

Running electricity to a garden room explained

Putting utilities in your garden room is one of the best ways to make your investment better and a natural extension of your home. We are used to our garden sheds often having no electricity, but a new stylish garden pod gives you comfortable, useable space all year round. Therefore, it makes sense to think about running electricity to your new garden room that’ll give you safe power and also the right amount of light and power points to meet your needs and intended usage.

It goes without saying that you need the services of an experienced electrician. At the same time, an electrician that cares about the quality of their work and only working in your garden room where it’s safe to do so. And one of these is ensuring your new garden room is weather resistant. Ours are fully sealed, insulated, and weather-resistant, using only the very best materials.

Whether you use our standard Classic Pod at 3mx3m sizes or a bespoke larger garden room, every one of these provides the functional space you need.

Ensure you know how you plan to use your new garden room

It’s worth thinking about how you intend to use your new garden room both now and if your use changes in the future. For example, you may want a children’s playroom but once grown up will you change it to a cinema room or gym? Work circumstances may change. Therefore is it worth thinking about whether you’ll need your garden room as a home office in the future and being able to use your computer, printer and other electrical items.

Therefore the message here is to think about your use and perhaps plan for changes in the future. Light fittings, sockets, types of lights, ventilation, and heating are just a few things to bear in mind with running electricity to a garden room.

Running electricity to a garden room must be safe

All electrical installations must be carried out by a competent professional working to the required safety standards. Electricians typically are members of professional organisations, so ensure they have the skills to carry out the work you need.

We help you with this aspect of the work using trained electricians. However, if you wish to use your own tradesman that’s fine too and we’ll work with them.

Another consideration is ensuring any problems with the garden room won’t affect the main house. Therefore, consider whether your fuse board has a spare circuit, whether you want your electricity isolated. A good electrician will also take care of keeping you safe such as fitting an RCD – residual current device.

Think about how your cable runs to the garden room

Then you’ll need to think about the best way to run the cables from the main house to your new garden room.

The most suitable cable depends on the distance of the garden room as well as what’s best for your home and even the different costs involved. Examples include overhead cables, those underground with suitable protection from moisture and degradation. Of course, underground cables need placing at a set distance so they’re safe if gardening. You’ll also need to get a suitable trench dug up.

Getting the right paperwork and certification

Following the installation of your electrics, you must get all the required paperwork. Your electrician will test everything to make sure it’s safe and then provide suitable paperwork and certification.

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