Does a garden room add value?

The answer to does a garden room add value to your home depends a lot on what your long-term plans are. Perhaps you’ve spent years creating the dream home with the perfect interior, a modern extension with grand bifolding or sliding doors, and it’s a forever home. It’s also possible your needs may change in the future, a new job or growing family, meaning you go up the property ladder and want the maximum value for your property.

does a garden room add value article showing a modern garden pod in surrey

Does a garden room add value like a new extension?

Speak to an estate agent and they’ll probably tell you adding a new home extension, an extra bedroom or bathroom, an additional living room promises to add value to your property. An extension or loft conversion is probably one of the best ways to do this. However, it’s not always possible for cost reasons, disruption and not everyone wants such an undertaking for work or family reasons.

If a new extension isn’t possible, then it’s worth looking at other ways to extend the house. These may include a glazed extension, but these too come with their pros and cons.

Then there’s the garden room. So if you’re asking does a garden room add value, it does. Probably not as much as a fully built extension, but it’ll add appeal to your home because your garden is what prospective buyers also look at. With a garden room, it’s also quite likely you’ll appeal to a broader range of buyers. Here’s why.

The space your home offers is now larger

Any buyer is drawn to a property providing space, even in smaller houses. A garden room provides visible extra space and it’s a great draw for potential buyers.

You don’t know how any potential buyer will use your home when they buy it. But if they can see options for leisure, relaxation and an obvious addition to your garden, your home suddenly got more appealing.

Your potential buyers just increased

Set up your new garden room right and you’ll appeal to more buyers. A clear defined workspace is probably the best example. Home workers, the self-employed or those moving because they want a study, can suddenly visualise them working in the garden room. Garden rooms provide some of the best solutions for home working. But it’s not just business people. Teachers and other professions often bring work home. A garden room can really draw these types of workers in.

As well as a home office, cinema rooms, a party room, even showing it’s possible to use it as an occasional guest bedroom. It’s another answer to the question, does a garden room add value. Yes when you display your room right to potential buyers, you’ll probably appeal to more of them.

Consider the overall quality of your garden room

Garden rooms are not all the same. You’ll find basic garden builders, timber constructions and many other materials. So it’s not just about providing a garden room but the quality of the structure overall.

Timber garden buildings are associated with maintenance. Our pods use low-maintenance composite materials. They’re easy to keep clean, low maintenance and built to last.

It’s not just the exterior walls. Choosing a garden room with quality materials is a huge selling point, not least the doors and windows. Rather than chunky PVCu or timber glazing, our garden rooms and pods use the same luxury bifolding, sliding and French doors used in high-end homes. They’re slimmer, provide more light and come with the best security, insulation and weather protection features.

At the same time you get the same substantial colour options as home glazing with the same insulated profiles and quality glass. All our doors and low-level windows come with toughened safety glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. 

You can even put integral blinds in our doors, permanently sealed into the glass. They never need cleaning, won’t gather dust and don’t blow in the wind.

does a garden room add value article showing the inside of a garden pod

Quality garden rooms adding value to your home

So does a garden room add value? The answer is yes but it also makes your home more appealing when chosen, designed and presented right. At Aspire Pods we craft bespoke garden rooms using the latest high-tech materials. They promise all manner of uses and valuable space in your home. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you add value to your home.