Sunflex sliding doors vs other patio doors

At Aspire Bifolds, we provide more than six different sliding patio door products but we’re often asked how these compare with Sunflex sliding doors. With more than fifty sliding door brands on the market, no home improvement business can offer every sliding door on the market. However, if you’re considering Sunflex sliding doors, we give you some information about these and how our own range compares.

silver sliding doors in a new home compared with sunflex sliding doors

Why it’s worth comparing Sunflex sliding doors with other brands

There’s no doubt Sunflex sliding doors are excellent. Made in the UK with good design details, high security, and excellent weather performance. As well as this, Sunflex sliding doors come with the modern styling that’s popular today when buying sliding doors for a new extension or as a replacement for an old set of patio doors.

As we’ll explain there are benefits to buying the Sunflex brand but it’s also worthwhile drilling into the design and specifications of all sliding doors and you’ll see there are a lot of similarities and similar specifications.

Why many sliding doors have similar specifications

The reality with modern patio doors for the home, whether a sliding door or even the latest folding sliding doors, is that there is no substandard product on the market.

The aluminium profiles used in windows and doors, the powder coated finish, the glass, gaskets, seals and hardware. All of these components come with specific certifications.

For instance, the aluminium profiles extruded by the big aluminium producers conform to specific quality standards for thickness, quality and type of aluminium suitable for doors. The powder-coated colour you choose is always applied either by the company behind the brand or strictly certified colour applicators painting many different brands. The glass needs to conform to specific safety standards and the glass unit manufacturers are also quality assured.

Therefore, when you examine these individual components making up your new doors, there are consistent standards for all products.

How security and weather performance is the same for most sliding doors

Another feature marketed with new doors and windows is their security and weather performance credentials. And it’s true Sunflex sliding doors have excellent security and sealing.

However, Sunflex and all other similar high quality brands also undergo the same tests. Whether it’s Secured by Design certification, PAS 24, Document Q, these common standards are what certified products meet. This is good news for you that there’s consistency when establishing the security and weather credentials of the glazing you buy.

Therefore, if you’re comparing Sunflex sliding doors with any other quality product, it’s probably the case they’ve both passed similar testing. And to double-check you can find details of brands and companies making them on the Secured by Design website as one example.

schuco brand compared with Sunflex sliding doors for new extensions

Comparing the great features of Sunflex sliding doors with other patio doors

Now we can compare some of the excellent features of Sunflex sliding doors and we’ll also explain where you can find similarities in our own sliding doors range and other brands.

sliding doors with slim 20mm mullions just like sunflex sliding doors

Sliding door mullion sightlines

There’s no doubt slimline sliding doors are immensely popular. One of many benefits of slimline mullions is reduced aluminium sightlines giving more glass, a better feeling of light and space.

The Sunflex SVG20 is a fantastic slider with the desirable 20mm mullions. But you’ll also find the same 20mm sightline with our Origin slimline Artisan slider as well as other Cortizo systems.

Sunflex also has two other doors with 30mm (SVG30) and 83mm mullions (SVG83). You’ll find virtually the identical product with our own Smart Systems Visoglide sliders having 35mm and 83mm sightlines. And just like the Sunflex sliding doors, these come in an inline or lift and slide option.

Or you can choose our Origin sliding doors range with mullions at 77mm, 44mm or the latest 29mm model.

For the surrounding frame, most similar sliding doors have dimensions more or less the same as the Sunflex brand.

sliding doors with flush and low thresholds

Low and flush thresholds on sliding doors

Whether you choose Sunflex sliding doors or any of our own patio doors, the great news is any of these gives you the low and flush threshold when you want it. The flush threshold you get on Sunflex doors is brilliantly designed as are the flush stacking panels you get on their three panel design. However, it’s possible to get the internal flooring and outside decking or slabs lining through neatly with most quality sliders as well.

Why manufacturing matters on quality sliding doors

There’s no doubt, one of the advantages of buying Sunflex sliding doors is the company behind them. The manufacturing quality is first-class with all their products. If you choose this fine British brand, you’re promised a product with excellent build quality, reliability and you’ll enjoy your doors from day one. Even better there’s significant experience in making and designing high-end sliding doors.

But if you’re looking for perhaps a cheaper alternative or a comparison with another good manufacturer, there are options here too. For example, our Schuco products are made by Dutemann, also a first-class manufacturer. Origin exclusively makes all their products and their brand name is, like Sunflex equally highly regarded.

So yes, who makes and fits your new sliding doors matters a lot and it should be a consideration in your buying decision. However, do your research and you’ll find other well-made doors in other brands.

Where budget affects your choice of sliding patio doors

Of course, there’s a price point to all products and we know property renovation projects have budgets to stick to. Sunflex sliding doors deserve their place in the market as one of the upper-tier sliding doors and their price reflects this.

If you have done your research and decided on Sunflex, it’s a great brand. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to this fine door brand or want other products with the same sightlines, manufacturing reputation, colour options, security and weather performance, you will find these in other brands too and our own range.

At Aspire Bifolds, we want you to make the best buying decision for the glazing you need. Our substantial aluminium patio doors range provides you with superior quality sliding patio doors we’ve fitted to hundreds of homes all over London and Surrey. Contact us today and let us help you with your property project.