Sliding patio doors in London by Aspire

With many different brands and styles, Aspire fits luxurious sliding patio doors in London to all manner of houses. Our sliding doors replace dated patio doors and transform new extensions. Here’s a selection of some installations to inspire you for your property project.

white sliding patio doors in London new house

5 REasons why sliding patio doors are better

Whilst bifolding doors and even the latest steel-look patio doors remain incredibly popular for property renovations, the sliding doors in London we fit have several benefits other types of patio doors can’t provide. Here are XX of the best

1 Larger panel sizes

No other patio door provides panel sizes as large as a sliding door. With sizes of up to 3m wide or more with some products, there’s no better door for creating a wall of glass. So if a wide and expansive patio door is what you want in your home, sliding doors deliver. As well as this, the sliding door heights typically go taller than French doors or bifolding doors too.

2 More light and better views

Again down to the larger panel sizes, you get bigger panes of glass. As a result the feeling of space in your room is better as are the views out to your garden. In fact, if you’re choosing between a bifold or a slider, and your home has a great garden or views, sliding doors let you enjoy it better even when closed.

3 Less visible aluminium

While aluminium provides substantially slimmer sightlines than PVCu or timber doors, no other patio door type gives you less of these too. Take a typical 4-metre opening, new or existing. Bifolding doors in a four panel need three visible mullions. Patio French doors need the same. A two panel sliding door gives you just one central slim mullion. A three panel door has two. Therefore, where fewer aluminium profiles matter, again sliding doors provide a solution.

4 light and smooth action

The advanced design of all modern sliding doors means effortless and finger light operation. In fact, some sliding doors literally glide and you can move them with one hand or a few fingers. As a result, they’re family-friendly and easy for both elderly and younger members of your family to use.

5 The latest technology and designs

The latest generation of aluminium in sliding doors is highly insulated. This insulation combined with high specification glass, and more of it, create super energy-efficient doors, helping you lower your heating bills. At the same time these grand sliders or even a smaller set are very secure thanks to multiple locking points. With safety glass as standard and designed to prevent prising open or lifting off their frame, there incredibly secure too.

So now you’ve got the benefits, let us look at some of our installations of sliding patio doors in London. With many of our doors fitted in ongoing building projects, you’ll see a mix of finished projects or those still under construction.

contemporary grey sliding doors at the back of a new build home

Contemporary Grey sliding doors in a modern house extension

Grey is one of the most popular colours for aluminium sliding doors and these doors using our Visoglide product come in a dark RAL 7016 finish. These particular doors feature the 35mm mullion and come in the popular two panel design, giving larger glass panels. Even better with these doors is the double track. As a result, you’ve got the option of opening either the left or the right panel, to suit your requirements.

Finally, the lift and slide operation provides even better functionality with contrasting satin stainless steel handles against the modern grey colour.

internal sliding patio doors in london large house

Internal sliding doors as a partition screen

How about fitting sliding doors inside the home? This installation of slimline sliding patio doors in London are designed as partition screens and closing off two separate rooms. And to provide privacy, the safety glass in the doors is obscure. As these are internal doors, the threshold is also set lower so there’s less risk of tripping as you go between the rooms, through the doors.

slimline sliding patio doors in london in a minimalist style

Ultra-slim patio doors with a 20mm mullion

The 20mm mullion on sliding doors is one of the most popular choices. It’s the best way of getting even thinner sliding doors. Our installation in Greenwich, South London shows how these minimalist doors work in even a standard size opening. Fitted on a triple track, two panels rest behind the third giving a 66% clear opening.

white sliding doors in London new extension

Large Visoglide sliding patio doors in London, Kingswood

Designed by Smart Systems and one of the best on the market is the Visoglie product. With slim 35mm mullions, it gives you thinner profile sliding doors without the higher price tag of the 20mm structurally bonded systems.

Even better with these sliding patio doors in London is the lift and slide design.

white sliding patio doors in london roof terrace

sliding patio doors in london leading to the flat roof

Shown here in a classic white finish is a four panel set of doors leading out to a flat roof on a top floor property. These doors open in a bi-parting design, sliding behind the fixed panels on each end. They come with a 35mm door mullion, safety glass and matching white hardware.

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We hope these examples of sliding patio doors in London explain how versatile sliding doors are at all manner of sizes. You can visit our Epsom Showroom and view our entire range of modern and slimline aluminium doors and windows whatever your property project. Contact us today, discuss your requirements or arrange a free quotation.