How to create a modern garden room

Getting a modern garden room is a combination of design, colours, materials and overall styling on the outside as well as the right specifications inside. In this article we give you some tips and advice on creating a modern garden room if contemporary and on-trend is what you like.

modern garden room in a surrey garden

Tips and advice for getting the best modern garden room

Design your new garden room right and you’ll get a separate space in your garden but also one that connects with your home. One of the best things about today’s latest generation garden rooms and pods is their flexibility in size and design.

With sizes up to the size of most fully-built extensions in a typical house, a modern garden room can give you the extra space you want, without the hassle and extra cost of extending your home. And as we spend more time at home, extra space with comfort is more important than ever. If you also work from home, creating an effective and productive workspace is essential.

Getting a modern garden room isn’t difficult. It’s about putting together some important design elements giving you the right overall look and feel. So whether you want to tuck a small size pod into an unused corner of your garden or want a larger garden room at the end of your patio or decking area, or a focal feature in your garden, we can help.

bespoke modern garden room in surrey

How your overall design helps create a modern garden room

The design you choose is actually quite similar to how many homeowners think about their new modern extension. Square or rectangular is certainly better than the more traditional garden rooms or dated conservatory designs such as Victorian or Edwardian. So you may want to avoid traditional timber buildings with a sloping or gable roof and wood-like colours. A flat roof, a modular overall look is certainly the starting point in getting you a modern look.

Whilst the box style creates a modern garden room, there’s nothing stopping you from having projecting areas. The image above shows a contemporary style with a projecting side giving more space inside whilst keeping it up to date

modern garden room in a dark grey colour

Why the exterior colour matters for a contemporary garden room

Another key feature and helping get a modern garden room is the outside colour. White is bright and striking, but today’s contemporary colours include darker shades such as a dark heritage green, black and the ever-popular grey in a lighter or darker colour.

So for a modern garden room consider neutral colours, dark shades and think about what colour you’ll have for your doors and windows. Our garden rooms come with seven different modern shades including black, a grey/blue combination, light grey for the industrial look and silver as just some of the colour options available.

modern garden room in surrey

How light and a feeling of space creates a modern garden room

Another consideration is the glazing you choose and also important in getting the right modern look and feel. Bifolding doors and sliding doors give the full height feel thanks to their large panel sizes.

Choose a sliding door and you can get two or three large panels with fewer vertical profiles – nothing better for creating an open aspect as you look out to the garden through the glass. Bifolding doors give a similar effect but you’ll get more verticals. However, fold open these doors in the summer and you’ve created the best open garden room just like the finest home extensions. Perfect.

So the advice here is think about how you’ll use your garden room. If light, space and views are important to you all year round, sliding doors are great. But if you want to use your garden room more in the summer, bifolds may be a better option.

The great thing about the aluminium doors and windows in our pods is the choice of colours. We offer a

Getting the modern look inside your garden room

Our modern garden rooms and pods come with colour and personalisation choices for the inside as well as the outside. So here is where you can let your own design flair come to life choosing the right floor and wall colours. Then you can furnish and accessorise your new garden room as you wish.

If your garden room position gets lots of natural daylight then you can use darker colours for your floor and walls. Then you could think about contrasting the darker walls with lighter furniture colours. Of course a dash of colour with cushions, rugs and ornaments breaks up the colour and adds something different to the look of the interior.

Aspire Pods. Creating the perfect modern garden room

As Aspire Pods, we’ve got a standard and bespoke range of garden rooms designed to add space, style and comfort to your home and for you and your family. Our pods are built to last, install fast and are amazing to live with. They promise that valuable extra room you can enjoy every day of the year. Insulated, secure, low-maintenance and built to last.