Replacing PVCu windows with aluminium

Replacing PVCu windows with aluminium promises to give a completely new look to any home. This installation of folding sliding doors and slimline aluminium windows shows the transformation possible using the latest generation of slimine aluminium for your home.

Replacing PVCu windows with aluminium
The original installation of PVCu windows

The benefits when replacing PVCu windows with aluminium

This substantial surrey home features recently installed PVCu windows throughout as well as a new extension at the back of the home. Upstairs are a series of side and top hung casement windows in standard style that works very well with the age of the home.

On the ground floor are a series of side and top hung casement windows also four modules. The Extension has French doors with sidelights, a side set of smaller double doors. At the front is a large window comprising a run of top hung opening lights at the top and larger fixed panels at the bottom. Beside this, a further set of French Doors with sidelights.

One of the first things you’ll notice with the original installation is the thicker sightlines and especially on the doors. Most PVCu doors come this thick because of the structural integrity needed for the door set as well as its security. Most noticeable is the meeting mullions on the French doors – with some systems these can be as thick as 200mm.

Another feature of PVCu door sets is how they’re designed to connect with side panels. With most systems, the sidelights come as separate modules. Here too the sightlines are usually thicker than comparable aluminium doors.

As good as PVCu doors and windows are today, the nature of the material also means different hardware. A good example is the door hinges. These are often more prominent and noticeable as they need the size and bulk to securely fix to the PVCu profile.

Replacing PVCu windows with aluminium  in an extension
After. Slimline frames, more glass, fewer visible profiles, more light

Transforming a property using slimline aluminium windows

Using the ultra-slim Origin OB-49 bifolding door and matching slimline windows by Origin, we’ve helped our customer transform the back of their house. Not just aesthetically but also with improved functionality and a feeling of space.

Firstly, the replacement of the existing French doors with sidelights. These now feature super slim profiles with 110mm door mullions – nearly half the sightline of the original PVCu doors. As well as this, where previously there was a restricted opening, now the door aperture opens to 90% or more thanks to Origin’s neatly stacking panels. Even better, with the door closed, three large panels result in fewer vertical door profiles, larger glass panels, more light and better views.

The existing set of double doors now features a large picture window. Gone completely are the thicker vertical sightlines. These are replaced with one piece of glass with smaller opening lights above for ventilation.

At the front of the extension, previously having one large window is another set of bifolding doors. In four panels, there’s now another doorway fully opening up when needed, giving access to the patio area and garden.

Other benefits when replacing PVCu windows with aluminium

The contemporary dark grey finish creates a great contrast to the existing windows upstairs. The doors come with satin stainless steel-hardware, also giving a modern touch to the new glazing.

For the bifolds, they provide all the functionality of the existing doors. Both sets feature a traffic door working as an independent leaf. As a result, letting out a pet, taking out the washing or general garden access doesn’t mean folding the door panels.

Above all is the overall look that’s transformational as well as more ways to open up the home on warmer days than ever before.

The best in slimline aluminium doors and windows by Aspire Bifolds

We’re delighted to work with our customers in transforming their home into something special. A new look, more doorways, better functionality.

Modern PVCu doors and windows are excellent products today. But when you want the slimmest lines, more discreet hardware, better views and light, it has to be aluminium.

Our Epsom showroom showcases our entire range of products inclusive five different bifolding doors, a comprehensive range of aluminium windows, sliding doors and more. Contact us today to discuss your property project with us. We look forward to helping you get more out of your home.