5 Benefits of a Garden Room

There are substantial benefits of a garden room when built using our highly insulated composite design. With none of the maintenance of timber garden buildings, our contemporary pod design offers you all the functionality with genuine low-maintenance benefits.

From start to finish, we work with you, crafting a beautiful new garden room suitable for use every day of the year. Even better, our garden rooms give you proper comfort. They’re warm in winter, cool in the summer and feature high specification windows and doors found in the finest homes. Above all, they’re built to last and promise years of enjoyment whether you use them for work, play or leisure.

benefits of a garden room

Better benefits of a garden room by Aspire Pods

There’s no doubt, we love our homes. At the same time we want to make the most of our usable living space. As a result, the creation of a room in the garden is one way of creating valuable new space for work and play.

The benefits of a garden room are numerous and very much an integral part of how we live in our homes.

Perhaps you’re deciding between a new extension or a garden room? Of course, a garden room is a significantly cheaper solution. And at our larger sizes they come at virtually the same usable space you’d get with a fully built extension.

Whether you have a small, medium or larger garden, here are just some of the ways adding a new garden room brings benefits to you and your property.

Additional living space

Extra living space. By far one of the most popular reasons why people get in touch with us about our new garden rooms. The benefits of a garden room in creating extra living space can’t be underestimated. And more so if you have a family perhaps with older children or young adults wanting their own private space for study or socialising.

As we grow into our homes more and more, finding the extra space we need gets more challenging. Our hobbies, working from home, exercising. Just some of the benefits of a garden room in your home.

Simpler than a new extension. Longer-lasting, cheaper and more energy-efficient than adding a conservatory. The benefits of a garden room in creating a genuine expansion of your existing space and your home are one of the most important.

A faster no mess installation compared to building work

Located away from your home, another of many benefits of a garden room is a no-mess installation compared with building work or constructing a timber building.

The composite nature of every Aspire Pod means little disruption to you and with substantially less mess, waste and inconvenience.

A garden building also gives you a significantly faster installation in a matter of days, compared with building work often taking weeks or months. In around 4-6 weeks from your initial enquiry, your garden room is ready to enjoy.

Garden rooms save you money

Compared to building any other type of structure, garden rooms save you money. Clever design gives you finished internal walls and floors, fully finished exterior cladding and the latest generation windows and doors.

When the times comes to upgrade your home, you’ll find a new garden room adds a surprise to potential buyers of your home.

benefits of a garden room

A garden room design to work with your home

Whether you live in a modern or older property, the colour options and styling of an Aspire Pod blends in with your home.

As well as this, our standard or bespoke sizes ensure your new garden room blends in with your home and size of your garden. But if you want a statement piece garden room in a brighter colour, standing out these are also available.

Don’t forget the personalisation options available with all our garden rooms such as heating and ventilation, electrics and more.

Clearly defined separate spaces

Another great advantage to a garden room is the defined separate space. Your home office is separate. A home gym no longer in the bedroom or lounge,

Every member of the family can enjoy their particular leisure of work activity (even a loud one) with privacy and without having to work around times when it may not be convenient. And being away from the main house, arguably better privacy than a glazed extension or conservatory.

hidden away garden room with pathway


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