How much does a garden room cost?

How much does a garden room cost? Every one of our garden pods come in standard or bespoke styles. However, there are a number of factors affecting the price you pay. This helpful guide explains some of these as well as other considerations essential to your new garden room.

how much does a new garden room cost

Helping you understand how much does a garden room cost

An Aspire Pod comes with latest generation composite materials, excellent insulation and high-specification, top-brand doors, windows and glass. You benefit from a better, more comfortable new space promising excellent levels of interior comfort and packed with style.

We know every customer requirement is different as are our prices but we’re confident we’ve a product meeting most property types and budgets. Our quotations and initial survey is free of charge and clear as to all the specifications you get.

Furthermore, our prices are all-inclusive with no hidden extras. Factors affecting how much a garden room costs include:

The size of the overall garden room

The size of the garden room structure naturally affects the price you pay. Our pods start at a functional yet cost-effective 3m x 3m size with French Doors, sliding doors or bifolding doors as standard.

The standard sizes of our garden rooms go up to 6m wide and 6m deep with some models. So do bear in mind that the size you choose of course, affects the price you pay.

As well as this, many of our customers choose their own bespoke design or one designed with our expert help and advice. Again, if you choose a special design, the price changes accordingly.

Materials affect the garden room cost too

Another consideration when researching how much does a garden room cost is the materials it’s constructed from. Timber, metals, a brick or stone construction – all of these different materials vary in price. So do your research on the various exterior and interior materials as these all affect prices.

It’s also worth thinking longer-term about maintenance. Timber garden buildings look great and wood or cedar cladding is a fantastic natural material. However, these do come with more maintenance than other materials and especially as the timber ages.

Our garden rooms come in the latest generation composite materials. These come designed for minimal care and maintenance. They’re also built to last. The composite materials use the best in insulation and construction design. You benefit from a garden room that’s faster in assembly, built to last and comes with a quality guarantee.

how much does a garden room cost?

Other extras and accessories

Invariably, any property improvement project comes with extra costs that you may not think about initially. Heating and ventilation. Electrical connections, the furniture and accessories depending on the use. These are just some of the extra costs you need to think about over and above many of the ‘standard’ prices you see quoted.

Therefore, when getting quotations and comparing these, do check that you’re getting a like-for-like quotation. Whilst not part of the garden room cost, do also check out the guarantees available and specifically what these cover.

A well-designed product should provide the options you need, giving you the result you want. For example our garden pods provide all manner of options and accessories, even down to the colour of your doors and windows and glass upgrades and enhancements.

At Aspire Pods, we’re passionate about helping you get the most out of your garden. Every one of our garden rooms comes with a professional installation, quality guarantee and all the advice you to help you make a great investment in your home.

Contact us today and get a price for your new garden pod. We can help you with every aspect of planning your new garden room and we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the end result!