Six Tips for buying a Garden Room

When it comes to buying a garden room, there’s certainly a lot of choices. With more of us working from home and finding extra space essential for many, we’ve put together this useful guide to help you choose.

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A space to relax, tastefully decorated and accessorised

Helping you better when buying a garden room

In recent years, the new garden building, garden room, summer house, and of course garden pods are popular.

Outside of the hassle and expense of a new extension, few products provide fast and flexible extra space for you and your family. They’re also built to last, low-maintenance and easy to live with.

Of course, buying a garden room is a significant investment. Therefore, it’s useful to take time and consider all the products, sizes, designs, options and upgrades. Given how much we love our homes, you may also wonder whether this kind of investment also adds value to your property generally.

The intention of any new garden room is all-year-round usability for most people. You don’t want it just for the warmer spring and summer days.

Think about your garden pods budget

If you’ve carried out home improvements previously, you’ll know it’s sensible to get at least three quotations. When buying a new garden room the same applies. Do get comparable quotes but ensure you’re looking at a like for like comparison.

The cheapest types are the self-build pods and wooden summer houses, but these kit-form products very much give you what you pay for. You won’t get the best here if you’re looking for long-term use and enjoyment.

Always compare the different materials

The different materials affect your budget. High-end timber structures do cost more, but they also involve maintenance and upkeep. Perhaps you’re considering a fully built structure, just like a new extension. These raise the cost of your investment even more.

Then there are composite products such as our range of pods and garden buildings. At the mid-range end of the market, yet with no loss of features or specifications. A composite construction gives you the best in thermal insulation, super-low maintenance properties and is faster and easier to install too.

As a bare minimum you should look for well insulated products. It’s even more important to look at the quality of the glazing provided. Are the doors and windows provided basic or the same quality of doors and windows you’d want in your home? Our pods use the same high specification doors, windows and glass found in Grand Designs style extensions and property renovations.

Finally, consider other essential options. Lighting, heating, broadband connection, not to mention the fixtures and fittings. Playrooms, home offices, studios or entertainment spaces all have costs involved in kitting out and furnishing for the best experience.

Consider garden room security

Will you have valuable items in your garden room? If so think about the level of security you need when buying a garden room. Check out the quality of the doors and windows. Ours come with the same high-end doors, sliding doors and bifolding doors used in the home. As a result you benefit from the same certified security features, multi-point locks and all the security credentials you’d get in your home.

How will you use your new garden room?

When buying a garden room, think carefully about how you’ll use it.

At the same time consider the size of your garden, where you get the sun and of course, the best place for installation.

This is where we can help. Our experts are on hand providing a free survey and quotation service. We can talk through all the options, pros and cons of a particular location and more. Of course, we’ll also advise on the most suitable size and configuration working best with your garden shape, size, personal wishes and budget.

Buying a garden room for all year round use? Materials matter

Whilst much of the marketing you see around buying a garden room focuses on summer and al fresco living, we work with many clients needing a room to use every day.

If this sounds like you, getting the right materials and insulation is essential to winter comfort. It’s easy to fix heating in a garden room, but there’s little point in wasting energy if the structure doesn’t retain the heat.

Here an insulated construction serves you best and it’s the best type for all year round use.

How much space do you need?

Size, of course, affects the price when buying a garden room. However, size is also important when considering buying garden pods.

Think about the primary use. Will it be for work, play or relaxation? Will your needs change in the near future. Perhaps your intention now is for your younger children to enjoy, but they’ll develop new interests as they grow into young adults.

The smaller garden pods make ideal spaces for work, study or play. Larger sizes come into their own as rooms intended for extended use. We’ve even fitted plumbing to our larger models creating small kitchenettes. Perfect for not having to go up to the house to get a drink or make a snack.

Again we are here to help advise you on the best possible solution for your home. We can also provide good advice about planning permission for garden rooms and whether you need it. Usually, you don’t.

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Aspire Pods are bespoke or standard size garden rooms. We’re confident our products give you one of the best solutions when buying garden pods. Every product comes designed for the best service life, easy installation and a wonderful user experience. You’ll also find them surprisingly affordable too.

Get in touch today, discuss your requirements with us and get your garden project started. Easy, stress-free and above all, functional garden buildings your family will love. We look forward to helping you improve your home and how you use it.