How to create the perfect garden office pod

If you’re one of the many that work from home, creating the perfect garden office pod may be top of your list. Many people are happy working in their study, even sharing the home with other members of the family. A home office remains a hugely popular reason for investing in the latest garden rooms. If you’re looking at creating a new home office with a garden room, we’ve got some great advice to inspire you.

garden office pod with a desk and computer overlooking the garden

Making the most of home working with a garden office pod

Even before the 2020 pandemic home working was popular and many people working from home. The self-employed and those running their business from home. Even those who’s job involves not being in the office that much. These are just a few reasons why people work at home, and in recent months, even more so. Home working is likely to grow into a ‘normal’ method of doing our jobs.

It’s easy to understand why a garden office pod makes absolute sense, and why they’re one of the common reasons for investing in one. Separating work from the home and family environment is top of the list for many. Others working from home also need a space to welcome customers and suppliers, be creative or focus on work.

Of course, not dealing with the daily commute to work is probably the biggest appeal as well as spending more quality time with family. Home working creates a better work-life balance.

So how does a garden office pod make working at home even better?

A clearly separate place to work

Everyone’s job is different. Some people are surrounded by files and paperwork. Others spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Whichever it is, a garden office pod lets you keep work in one place.

First of all is a dedicated work area. Your work documents, files and materials are all in one place. And if your parter or other family members also work from home, you’ll know how precious it is to get your own space.

There’s also the security and convenience aspect. Your job may involve confidential or commercially sensitive documents. An office environment provides you with privacy when needed. Your home working environment should also provide the same.

Garden Office Pods. Better for your family and you

Not everyone works a nine-to-five working day. You and your partner may work different hours. The kids may be at home from school when you’re trying to work.

Investing in a separate garden office lets the rest of the family enjoy their home without worrying about noises, interrupting you or creating an unproductive environment. This is particularly the case if you work weekends. Your family may want to enjoy the garden or watch television at the same time if you need to work. Separating and defining the work and living spaces is hugely beneficial here.

As well as this, there isn’t the risk of leaving laptops and documents around the family areas of the home where accidents can happen or items get misplaced.

The overarching benefit of a separate work space for everyone is knowing when work is over and it’s time to spend it with a partner and the family. It’s tucked away securely in your new home office.

Create a familiar office environment in the home.

Focus is essential for many job roles. A quiet environment is essential for planners, designers or meetings.

An Aspire Pod designed as a garden office pod comes in standard or large sizes. The benefit of the larger size is creating a better working environment. Heating, plumbing or air conditioning create a better interior space. Why not think about installing a kitchenette in our larger sizes? Perfect for making customers or visitors a beverage without leaving them alone while you run up to the main house.

The more you reduce the need to keep popping back to the house, the more productive and focused you are. It’s also a more professional look for your business. Your clients won’t mind that you work from home, but we all still expect a level of ‘keeping it businesslike’.

A proper meeting place with a garden office pod

Much the same as having your clients or business visitors in your home, having a quiet and focused meeting area produces better results. Everyone focuses on work and getting business done.

And if you have suitable side or rear access, we can help locate your pod so your customers or visitors don’t need to enter your home. They can arrive and be welcomed at your home address and taken straight to the office. It’s another great way to keep things business-like with all the advantages of working at home.

garden office pod

Why an Aspire Garden Pod makes a great home office.

Every detail of our Aspire Pods comes carefully designed and creates the perfect office in your home. Of course they have multiple other uses too.

Insulated, warm, dry and low maintenance. As well as this, you new garden building comes with all the options you want for a great workspace. Heating, wiring, broadband wiring and many other great options for a productive day at work.

Contact us today. Let’s get your new garden room project started. 

Aspire Pods are bespoke or standard size garden rooms. We’re confident our products give you one of the best solutions when buying garden pods. Every product comes designed for the best service life, easy installation and a wonderful user experience. You’ll also find them surprisingly affordable too. 

Get in touch today, discuss your requirements with us and get your garden project started. Easy, stress-free and above all, functional garden buildings your family will love. We look forward to helping you improve your home and how you use it.