What is a low-maintenance garden room?

One of the benefits of choosing a low-maintenance garden room is a long service life with minimal upkeep. All our garden pods require is a routine clean and that’s it. When you need the extra space at home, for work, relaxation or any other use, you don’t want to worry about painting, staining and general upkeep. In this article, we explain more about the low maintenance benefits you get with an Aspire Pod.

Low-maintenance garden room

How an Aspire Pod creates a genuine, low-maintenance garden room

An investment in an Aspire Pod is buying a range of garden rooms designed for easy living and low to virtually no maintenance. Your new pod has the latest composite materials designed with the look and feel of timber.

With a tactile finish, a choice of colours and enhanced with our latest generation aluminium doors and windows, there’s no better product offering looks that’ll last. Above all our pods look beautiful and make and will enhance your garden and outside spaces.

When you want the extra space, additional room an Aspire Pod provides the answer as a low-maintenance garden room. Here’s how we do it.

Why you need a low-maintenance garden room

When investing in any quality product for your home, you expect it to be easy to look after. This is why you may have replaced your doors and windows with PVCu or aluminium, widely known for being easy to keep clean and needing virtually no maintenance.

It’s the same for your garden room and especially as a structure designed for the outdoors. Perhaps you’ve already bought garden furniture designed to stay outdoors all year. Or you’ve invested in composite decking that doesn’t need much treatment like wood decking slabs.

Or like many of us you want to invest in low-maintenance and easy to live with materials. You’re busy with work and family, social time and leading a busy life. You don’t want to spend your spare time looking after items in your home other than essential care and maintenance.

The latest composite materials

Low-maintenance garden room

The materials used in the construction of an Aspire Pod use composite cladding.

Composite Cladding profiles highly insulated, natural looking and low maintenance exterior walls to your pod. Strong, weather resistant and available in a choice of colours, there’s no better material when you enjoy creating a dream garden room but don’t enjoy maintenance.

Better Aluminium windows and doors

sliding doors in a low-maintenance garden room

Where other garden rooms rely on PVCu or timber windows and doors, we only use aluminium.

Aluminium is already well-known for it’s slim lines, great colour choice and strength. But it’s also one of the most durable and low-maintenance.

Therefore, the frames we use have the same ease of use as the cladding. All they need is an occasional clean with a mild soapy solution and a soft sponge.

Environmentally Friendly materials

Low-maintenance garden room

Using environmentally certified and ethically sourced materials, the external cladding.

Every Aspire Pod Garden Room promises no headaches as you enjoy the gorgeous inside space.

Build to withstand the outdoors, there’s no twisting, warping or splintering. Even the fixing we use are invisible.

Low-maintenance decking to match

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Where our garden rooms come with decking, this too is the same composite material.

It’s built to last, non-slip and super strong. The matching composite decking provides the same strong sense of design and aesthetics and complements the garden room structure perfectly.

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