Garden room designs and new ideas

Looking for some inspiration with your garden room designs and some new ideas? At Aspire Pods we offer an outstanding range of low-maintenance garden rooms with a contemporary look and feel. Our standard styles are popular, but we know there are times when you might want something a little different.

Here are a few design ideas and inspiration for your forthcoming garden room project.

Plans showing garden room designs

Create bespoke garden room designs with the latest-generation materials

Every one of our Aspire Pods range of standard designs creates a beautiful, insulated and high quality garden room using the latest materials and built to last. Our garden pods feature the latest materials whilst at the same time enhancing your garden with style, colour and texture.

Available at standard sizes, you’ve also got the choice of casement windows, French doors, sliding or folding doors.

We know every home is different and some of our customers look for something outside the box. The good news is that the materials and technology behind our garden pods allow flexibility and the creation of altogether different designs from the standard expectations with many garden rooms.

All these designs and more are possible with an Aspire Pod and Garden Room.

Why Panoramic Picture Windows create space

garden room model designs

This design takes inspiration from high-end extensions. Why not create a large panoramic window creating maximum levels of light and an amazing feeling of space?

A contemporary pathway leads to a fully glazed single door. Beside this a full-size glazed screen creating picture-perfect views out to the garden.

Garden room designs for your odd-shaped garden

angled garden room designs

How about a design where the garden room tapers back?

A perfect solution for gardens leading to often unused corners. Here, a wide aspect at the front creates the functional space you need, tapering in size and following the lines of your garden.

An ideal solution for making the most of corner plots and odd-shaped gardens often found in many new build developments.

How to create symmetry with windows

windows in a garden room

Our flexible garden room designs also extend to the windows and doors.

As part of the overall design of your new garden structure, we can work with you creating something distinctive with aluminium windows.

Here’s a design where two sets of individual windows create symmetry and light. Create a grid of two, four or even six glazed panels!

Why bigger pods work well in larger gardens

large size garden room

When your property benefits from a larger than average garden, why not create a larger garden room?

This design is over seven metres wide and nearly five metres deep. As a result, you get even more flexibility with how you use your garden pod. You can even divide the space into zones.

See how this garden room design transforms a garden in Surrey

Inspirational Garden Room Designs by Aspire Pods

This is just a small selection of what’s possible with a garden pod and garden room by Aspire. We’re passionate about creating the best in functional and contemporary garden structure, enhancing your home and how you live.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discuss your project with us. Let our pods inspire you creating the perfect garden room.