How to get a better family garden room

One of the best things about a new garden room using an Aspire Pod is how it’s designed for the whole family. In this article, we give some useful tips and advice on planning your furniture. We can help the whole family can enjoy your extra room. 

Aspire Pods. The family garden room

If the purpose of your new pod is a new and separate place to work then you probably don’t have to worry about other members of your household. However, if it’s for the entire family to use, we offer some tips and advice in advance of your pod getting built. 

Consider Furniture with Built-in Storage

family garden room

You want to use your family garden room for one purpose during the day and for your children to play in the evenings and weekends.  It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to consider furniture or fixtures with built-in storage. 

This is ideal for when children have their toys out, but you don’t want them in the way when clients visit for a meeting in your home office.  Storage gets things out of the way and provides the room you want when you need the space for you.  Some ideas include cupboards and a sofa with storage underneath. You’ll get a better experience when you start your working day without having to clear away toys and games. 

Of course if your new Aspire Pod is used as an occasional guest room, good storage gives you place for bedding and linen too, while always out of the way at other times. 

Bookcases or draws

For your family garden room, choose a table with storage space, or a large box also doubling up as a seat? These are just some of the ways to keep the smaller space of a garden room tidy and neat with things packed away when finished with. 

If the computer and desk in the garden room get used by you for work and the family for homework, gaming or browsing the internet, bookcases and draws ensure you clear the desk ready for your partner or children when they’re ready to use it. As well as leaving a clear desk, there’s less risk of important files and related paperwork going astray being left out and possibly misplaced.  Shelves are also a great solution for getting things out of the way. 

You may also want to consider using the ceiling height around the pod provides storage while not making the room feel smaller like a cupboard might. 

Consider the lighting

As a family garden room, our pods come as standard with ceiling lights. However, we know ceiling lights aren’t ideal for all types of uses. For instance watching movies or playing games requires dimmer lighting.  Homework might require a desk lamp. Painting or crafts might require brighter lighting.  Some activities you may want to take advantage of natural daylight. 

Therefore consider adding extra lighting to meet the needs of you and your family, Desk lamps and floor lamps or a dimmable light switch are some suggestions. 

The same applies for curtains and blinds in the pod.  There’s lots of choice in after-market fitted blinds or curtains.  Another solution is to add integral glass blinds to your French or Bifolding doors.  They provide privacy and shade, won’t gather dust, never need cleaning and sit permanently sealed within the glass of your doors. 

Of course, lighting also plays a part with your choice of glazing.  Our standard model comes with a set of French Doors.  For extra light sliding doors deliver the biggest glass panels and maximum light into your family garden room. Or for truly opening up the wall of your pod, bifolding doors are hard to beat.  

Think about heating

Planning on using your new family garden room as a place to work out too? Exercise warms us up even in colder weather.  Therefore, if the primary use of your new Aspire Pod is for you, consider heating if it’s also used for more sedentary activities such as work or reading in the colder months. 

We love all the possible uses for an Aspire Pod and so will you.  With a little bit of clever thinking and inspiration from home magazines or websites, you come up with some clever ideas for making the most of your new space. At the same time it’ll be functional and usable for all the family. 

Giving you the best family garden room for your home

Fast to build, easy to plan, great to use and without the high maintenance. An Aspire Pod promises a perfect family garden room and one you’ll enjoy every day of the year. Contact us today and arrange a free, no-obligation consultation and home survey. Find out the benefits of an Aspire Pod in your home today.