Why Aspire Pods have better garden room security

Garden room security is just as important as general home security. We are very conscious about locking our homes, setting our alarm and making sure windows are closed when we leave the house.  But what about our gardens and outside rooms? 

Aluminium sliding doors with multiple locks for garden room security

Garden Room Security Explained

Perhaps there’s not much to worry about in the average garden shed as we generally don’t keep expensive items in these.  Therefore many of these don’t cause garden room security concerns. However, for a new garden pod, it’s important to think about security. 

With many people using a garden room as a home office, studio or gym, there are often high-value items in these outside rooms.  In this article, we give you more information about the glazing we provide in our garden pods and how they protect your investment with excellent garden room security.

Our choice of garden pod models includes the Classic with French Doors, the Elegance with bifolding doors and the Contemporary having slimline sliding doors.  Every garden room also comes as standard with at least one window on the side, for added light and ventilation. 

Whatever pod design you choose, we provide you with prestige-brand and high-quality glazing you’d buy for your own home. We don’t compromise on the doors on windows for our garden pods.  Don’t just take our word for it. You can check out the windows and doors you’ll get at our sister Company, Aspire Bifolds at their Epsom Showroom. 

Here’s what you get enhancing the quality, functionality and garden room security of your brand new outside room.

Better French Doors in the Classic Pod

When you choose our Classic model, these come with top-brand French Doors made by Origin. Origin is probably the UK’s best-known brand of aluminium doors and windows for the home.  Not only are these meticulously crafted and built, but they enhance homes all over the UK. 

We use the ultra-slim version of Origin doors having minimalist 49mm profiles.  These therefore give you elegant and discreet doors, without the bulk associated with timber or PVCu doors on other garden rooms.  

The doors you have in your new garden pod matter for aesthetics as well as security.  Compared to PVCu or timber doors, you’ll find our doors substantially slimmer. Even better you won’t see the bulky hinges found on other materials. 

For the best in garden room security, your new doors come with an 8-point locking system. Most PVCu and timber doors come with a three or four point lock.  We provide quality locks operated by a luxury handle and high security door cylinder. The slave leaf comes with hidden bolts operated only when the main door is open. 

Even the toughened safety glass is held in place from inside the doors.  You can’t remove the glass from the outside either. Every detail and the overall design of our doors are designed for your peace of mind. These excellent house-quality French doors create a secure room for computers, furniture and other possessions customers put in our pods. 

Sliding doors in the Contemporary Pod

There’s no compromise on garden room security either when it comes to the sliding patio doors provided in our Contemporary Aspire Pods model.  These use the renowned Cortizo system – one of the best-known slimline sliding doors on the market. 

Expertly crafted and professionally installed in your pod, these are genuine luxury sliding doors, adorning some of the best home extensions all over the UK. And you get the same quality and luxury in your garden room. 

Of course we could fit a standard patio door as others do, but ours stand out for all manner of reasons. 

First of all are the sightlines. A typical PVCu or timber patio door gives you a thick central mullion, usually around 80mm or more.  Our doors come with a mullion a quarter of the size at just 20mm thick.  The surround frame, track and door panels are also substantially thinner than PVCu and timber sliding doors too.  

What do these sightlines mean for you? Firstly is an improved outlook as you look through your doors out to your garden. More glass, less visible frame, more light. The garden pod itself also looks much more attractive and in keeping with its modern materials and design. 

We also use aluminium for its incredible strength and rigidity, despite its thin proportions.  Your new pod comes with a high quality five-point lock, operated via a recessed handle and the same high-security door cylinder and keys as all our doors. 

The doors also come with a bonded glass construction meaning there are no glazing beads to remove.  And the panel design withstands anyone attempting to prise the doors off the tracks as well as other design and security features.  Adding to the desirability of the slimline sliding doors in your pod is where we use thick 10mm toughened glass outside and 6mm glass inside.  Great for added security with some acoustic benefits too. 

Bifolding Doors in the Elegance Pod

Choose our Elegance pod with bifolding doors and here too, you get one of the best bifolds on the market and widely used in contemporary extensions and property renovations. 

These doors come with some of the best hardware, rollers and guides promising a smooth slide and fold action.  Of course, we know you need convenience and comfort during the winter and when a bifold is close. 

As standard you get a traffic door as part of the overall design. The end leaf of your bifold works just like a regular hinged door.  Unlock the door and swing the leaf open for everyday access and exit, without having to fold all the panels back. 

Aluminium bifolds are slimmer, stronger and better looking than timber or PVCu doors.  When it comes to this particular design, aluminium offers even more advantages.  It’s smoother sliding and won’t judder and expand in the heat like PVCu.  Again you get more discreet hinges, slim mullions and lots of natural light coming into your pod. 

When the weather is right, you can fold the panels back giving you a wonderful open aspect and work while you enjoy your garden views and fresh air. 

Our doors again come with a prestige locking system with five or eight locking points, reliable door handle in satin stainless steel and high security cylinder with keys.  Incredible quality, reliability and security. 

Windows for more light and ventilation

The aluminium window at the side of your pod uses the Origin product, renowned as one of the slimmest.  Yale locks, a locking handle and the same security features as quality aluminium windows for the home all come as standard. 

Other security considerations for your new garden room

If you’re lucky to have a good size garden, the ideal of a garden room tucked away out of sight at the far end can be appealing.  However, do think about security. 

It’s a good idea to consider being able to see the pod from your house. We often think about security for our patio doors and the back of the house if the garden isn’t overlooked.  The same applies to a garden room.  You should always lock the pod when you’re not using it. 

If your home has an alarm system, you may want to consider extending this out to the garden room so it’s protected too.  Obviously you’ll need to talk to your insurer about suitable cover for your garden room if you’ve not already thought about this too. 

Think about privacy too.  Blinds are an excellent solution.  Our French Doors, windows and bifolding doors come with the option of built-in blinds within the glass, and they keep your possessions out of sight on darker afternoons and evenings in Autumn and Winter as well as at night.  Fitting a light with a sensor may be a useful addition in your garden as well. 

Take a general look around your property.  Perhaps it’s easy for anyone to gain access to your garden. If so, consider a more secure side gate.  And now may also be a good time to consider repairing any broken fence panels or holes. 

We are confident you’ll love your new garden room and see the benefits our aluminium windows and doors provide over other products.  However, some general awareness around general garden security will help protect your new pod and its contents.