Guide to the Schuco ASS70 Bifolding Door

Our guide to the Schuco ASS70 Bifolding Door tells you everything you need to know about this outstanding brand and product. Whether you’re looking at replacing your dated patio doors or researching bifolding doors for your new extension Schuco bifolds offer one of the best solutions for your property renovation project. You can see a selection of our Schuco installations around London and Surrey

ASS 70 Schuco bifolding doors in a new home

Design and Appearance of the Schuco ASS70 Bifolding Door

One of the first things you notice when looking at the prestige Schuco bifold is its appearance. Flatline profiles give a very modern and attractive look. This is just one reason why this brand works so well in new extensions. At the same time, it’s widely used when replacing dated patio doors.

Thin frames and door mullions look timeless and appealing with a design that won’t go out of fashion. They’re more attractive than the more traditional looking bifolds, without the round profile design reminiscent of timber windows.

Of course, sightlines matter a lot when buying any new bifolding door. With these doors closed more often than open, it’s important to find the closed doors aesthetically appealing. And it’s sightlines where Schuco doors excel. For years they’ve been some of the slimmest doors on the market.

Where the doors meet, the sightline is just 120mm. This matters as you get less aluminium ‘bulk’ with a Schuco bifold when closed. Slimmer lighter goes you better views and more glass area. Your views out to the garden are better too.

No other door slides and folds like a Schuco ASS70 Bifolding door

At our Epsom showroom, you’ll find several different bifolding door models. And we invite you to visit us to try these out. You’ll find nothing slides and folds like a Schuco bifold. It’s the high-end components, rollers and guides delivering one of the best door actions on the market. From the second you unlock all the panels and push the doors with just a finger or two, you’ll be impressed.

How a bifold slides and folds is one of the best clues to its design, engineering and quality. Many other bifolds use industry-generic hardware found on all sorts of doors. Schuco doors use their own purpose-designed rollers and guides. It’s an integrated system, all parts working together in harmony and giving you one of the best slide and fold actions on the market. So come try these doors out and see for yourself how meticulously crafted and built they truly are.

Door panels at 1500mm wide

Now the latest Schuco ASS70 bifolding door model gives you even better design flexibility and functionality. The panels now go up to 1.5m wide. This exceptional size is yet another indication of the high-end engineering behind these doors, surpassing virtually every other brand on the market. But what does it mean for you?

First of all its a reduction in door panels. Where most 3.6m to 1.5m openings rely on four or five door panels, Schuco doors cover the same opening with just three panels. Fewer panels mean better-looking doors with substantially larger glass sizes. These large glass sizes not only give you even more light coming into your home. At the same time, a three panel door gives the appearance closed of a large sliding door. It looks impressive and certainly worth considering when buying a new bifolding door.

The only design consideration with larger panels is having enough space for the doors to fold out to as they will project further. What you’ll also gain is one less vertical mullion and doors that look amazing, especially when closed. You’ll love looking out of these substantially wider panels.

Schuco bifolding doors in London house.

Other benefits of buying Schuco

A substantial upgrade over your existing patio doors, therefore, Schuco bifolds give you all the flexibility of a regular patio door and the benefits of a bifold. This is because of how we help you configure them.

We recommend the traffic door. This lets you use one leaf just like a regular hinged door, giving you convenient day-to-day access without folding the panels back every time.

Another benefit of Schuco is more threshold choices. Most bifolds give you just two thresholds, only one of which is suitable for external use. Schuco bifolds come with four threshold options, including a ramp-type design.

Ramp thresholds mean we don’t have to carry out modification work to existing openings in giving you a lower threshold. They’re also perfect for wheelchair users making access even better for them.

Excellent thermal performance, premium German locks and handles, double or triple glazing and a vast choice of colours. These are yet more reasons to consider the Schuco ASS70 bifolding door for your property project.

We offer doors opening in or out and from two up to 8 or more panels. There’s even the option for matching single or double doors and the stunning open corner design.

Aspire Bifolds. Your specialist Schuco installer for London, Surrey and Kent

At Aspire Bifolds, we know the substantial investment you make in your home and it’s why we provide only the very best systems and brands. The Schuco bifold comes with more than fifty years aluminium excellent behind it and promises you a top brand product and one you’ll enjoy using all-year-round.

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